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My Naked Truth: Feel beautiful in your own skin

Let this delicate, feminine fragrance fill you with inner harmony
A subtle air of confidence, a gentle aura of serenity – what better way to describe the hallmarks of your natural femininity? It is the pure, unhidden truth of your beauty.

My Naked Truth Eau de Toilette is the essence of inner balance. It envelops you in a soft,
graceful mist of harmony that lets your natural charm and beauty radiate through.
My Naked Truth – up close
My Naked Truth is a silky, skin-like fragrance. It comes from the floral, fruity, woody family to
surround you in a veil of softness and harmony, enhancing a naturally intimate femininity like a second skin.
The gentle touch of cotton flower
The inspiration behind this beautiful, feminine fragrance is the cotton flower. About two months after planting, buds appear on the
cotton plants. The buds open and the petals change from creamy white, to yellow and then powder pink.
The cotton fibres grow under the warm sun until, finally, the fluffy cotton balls burst forth.
With this as a vision, the perfumers created a cotton
flower accord, beautiful in its simplicity, that is soft and
smooth, like the purest white cotton.
A true expression of harmony: the bottle
My Naked Truth comes in a beautifully designed glass
bottle that tells the story of the fragrance. The simple,
straight lines of the edges combine with the feminine
curves of the oval to create a sense of completion and
balance. The centre is transparent to show that your
inner beauty is the truth – nothing is hidden. At the
same time, the strength of the outer edge cocoons and
A perfect gift for Women’s Day
Every woman should feel beautiful in her own skin. What better way to show your appreciation for a special woman – your mother, your sister, your best friend – than with a fragrance that breathes
beauty, love and inner peace? Share the feeling of joy this women’s day and give the gift of perfect, beautiful harmony.
My Naked Truth: My beauty is my truth. My truth is my beauty


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