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New Optifresh – even better protection for the whole family

Our advanced toothpaste range has now been relaunched to bring you even greater quality, performance and value for money

Do you love coffee and rich food but worry about stained teeth or keeping your breath fresh?
New, improved Optifresh has everything you need for clean teeth and a healthy smile.
With our hectic modern lives, good oral hygiene is more important than ever before – and with
the right dental care products and regular cleaning it’s easy to achieve. Optifresh’s clinically
proven formulas are specially designed for long term protection and fresh breath, as well as
healthy teeth and gums.

3 new products
We’ve streamlined the Optifresh range, to make it easier to find the right toothpaste for your needs:
• Total Protection – for complete oral care
• Crystal White – for a whiter, brighter smile
• Extreme Fresh – for fresh breath, all day

System 8
Each Optifresh System 8 toothpaste helps to:
1. Prevent cavities and caries
2. Prevent plaque
3. Prevent tartar build-up
4. Maintain healthy gums
5. Prevent enamel erosion
6. Freshen breath
7. Strengthen teeth
8. Remove stains
All of this, plus:
o Clinically proven 12-hour protection against plaque, cavities and tartar build up*
o Works in 28 days*
o Tested under dentist supervision*
o Active Protect Complex containing fresh clove oil, which has strong antibacterial properties, as well as fluoride, which is nature’s own cavity fighter and zinc sulphate to keep breath fresh. * Clinical test Optifresh now comes in a 100ml pack, with a sleek new design. .

Easy To Buy –
Optifresh is perfect for the whole family. With its improved formulas that are even more effective for oral care – and even better value for money – it is the ultimate year-round household essential.
Expert Approved
Toothpaste containing fluoride is recommended by the Swedish Dental Association.
The Swedish Dental Association is a member of the World Dental Federation and the Council of European Dentists. It is their role to ensure that individuals receive dental care of the highest quality.

Optifresh System 8 Total Protection Toothpaste
This improved, advanced formulation is the essential toothpaste for all-round protection:
• Complete protection against the most common dental problems
• All day oral care confidence*
• Deep clean
• 360° clean sensation
* Consumer test
It also combines 3 of the best ingredients for maintaining strong teeth and healthy gums:
• Anti-tartar active: prevents tartar build-up.
• Breath-neutraliser active: clinically proven to halt bad breath for 12 hours after your last brush°.
• Re-mineralising active: Sodium fluoride, nature’s cavity fighter, proven to strengthen tooth enamel. Improves resistance to decay, bacteria and acid attack.
° Clinical test on raw material after 4 weeks

Optifresh System 8 Crystal White Toothpaste
Gently whitens teeth, while providing 12-hour protection against plaque to reveal your natural white smile.
• Whiter teeth in just 14 days*
• With whitening active to gently remove stains and plaque**
• Contains fluoride to help strengthen teeth**
*Consumer test
** Based on formulation
This new, improved formulation combines 3 essential ingredients to help keep teeth white, whilst maintaining healthy oral care:
• Whitening active: gently lifts stains and plaque to help bring back your teeth’s natural shine and whiteness.
• Anti-tartar active: prevents tartar build-up.
• Breath neutraliser active: clinically proven to prevent bad breath for 12 hours after your last brush °.
° Clinical test on raw material after 4 weeks

Optifresh System 8 Extreme Fresh Toothpaste
This advanced toothpaste gives you up to 12-hour protection
with a burst of freshness for long-lasting, cool, fresh breath.
• Instant fresh breath that lasts all day*
• Complete protection against the most common dental problems
• 360° freshness*
* Consumer test
The improved formulation combines 3 powerful ingredients to actively maintain fresh breath and promote strong, teeth and healthy gums:
• Intense fresh burst: flavour with advanced deep fresh technology, proven to offer long lasting multisensory freshness for a powerfully clean sensation
• Anti-tartar active: prevents tartar build-up
• Breath neutraliser active: clinically proven to prevent bad breath for 12 hours after your last brush°
* Clinical test on raw material after 4 weeks

Optifresh – A lifetime of protection.


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