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We are proud to present The ONE Eyes Wide Open mascara, with a revolutionary, eye-opening effect – for the biggest, most beautiful eyes ever. Big eyes - the ultimate symbol of femininity There is nothing more alluringly feminine than beautiful eyes. Eyes are often the Number ONE feature that attracts a partner. In fact, the bigger the eyes, the greater the power of attraction a woman is said to have.

The ONE Eyes Wide Open Mascara will help you achieve exactly that - big, beautiful eyes. It is the first mascara in the world that is clinically proven to provide eye-opening effect. After application your eyes will appear 30%* bigger. *Clinically tested Innovative brush and formula The innovative brush is specially designed to create a super strong curl by lifting the lashes from root, to tip to reveal more of your eyes than ever before. The brush shape imitates the curve of the eye. It reaches the root of all your lashes at the same time. The narrow tip with its pointed shape reaches all the smaller bottom and inner lashes without smudging and the wider base reaches the longer middle and outer lashes, coating them perfectly.
The formula contains fixative agents to keep the curl perfectly in place with a lasting effect.
To create the big-eye look, which everyone is talking about
1. Hold the brush with the narrow tip pointing towards the nose and start by applying mascara as close to the roots as you can, drawing the brush slowly through the lashes right to the very ends.
2. For extra eye-opening effect, with the narrow brush tip apply mascara to your outer corner lashes on your upper lid, drawing upward and outward; repeat as needed for your preferred look.

Everyone loves Eyes Wide Open mascara. Here’s what they are saying about it:
“This mascara is one of the best mascaras I have ever used. I have had many compliments about my eyes since using this product including how much longer and curled my eyelashes look. Overall a great product which I would recommend to everyone!"

“Made my eyes look wider and more open.”
“This is the best mascara I have ever used! It is absolutely amazing! My eyes look much bigger!”
“I love the shape of the brush - really extends my outer lashes."

Get the look
Oriflame has created a Trend Book for the spring-summer season 2015. It showcases five of the major catwalk-style looks this spring – Artistic, Athletic, Exotic, Metallic and Romantic.

With The ONE products and the help of our top experts, we have translated them into wearable looks!
The romantic trend is flirtatiously fragile yet strong, with references from the iconic 70’s. Colours range from cream to blush, lavender and rose. To create the look, fabrics like chiffon, lace and organza with botanical screens and embroidery are preferred.

When it comes to makeup, we recommend to emphasize the eyes and to leave the rest of the look simple.
To create this look, go for eyes in dark nude and subtle neutrals with focus on the complexion and shimmering lips.
Here's what you'll need to complete the romantic look:
For the illuminating skin we used The ONE IlluSkin Foundation 30598 Nude Pink and The ONE IlluSkin Concealer 30615 Fair light. The dark nude eyes were created with The ONE Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadow 30744 Beige Pearls and 30746 Golden Brown, then framed with The ONE Kohl Eye Pencil 31038 Brown and The ONE Eyes Wide Open Mascara. Cheeks were blushed with The ONE Illuskin Blush 30979 Luminous Peach and the cheekbones highlighted with The ONE Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadow 30744 Beige Pearls for that extra lustre. Lips are finished off with The ONE Power Shine Lip Gloss in 30628 Nude Reflection.

The ONE Eyes Wide Open Mascara – Big is beautiful

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