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We all want a flawless, wrinkle-free complexion with a healthy glow, but how do we get there? We have selected some of your most common skin care questions we have asked our experts to answer.

How often should I exfoliate the skin and why?
Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and dissolve impurities in your pores, which prevents the formation of pimples. It also increases blood flow to the face, which immediately gives the skin a fresh glow. Exfoliate always upwards in circular motion - but be careful, you do not want to rub broken skin! We recommend exfoliating twice a week, but start by reviewing your specific product recommendations.

What is the best way to treat scars on my face?
In order to prevent permanent pigmentation damage and maintain an even skin tone, always use products with SPF. Invest also in face creams that contain vitamin E, they are said to reduce scarring.

Why is the serum important?
Serum is a lightweight, water-based fluid that provides the skin a high concentration of active ingredients. These ingredients have been selected for ansiktscremens improve performance. The serum is applied during your day and night cream as they are designed to provide Creams an extra boost.

Day cream or night cream - do I really need both?
It's a personal choice, but for you to get the most out of your products, we say yes! Day and night creams are designed to follow the skin's natural circulation. During the day exposed to the sun, pollution, makeup and stress, so dagscremerna are designed to protect the skin. At night, restored and repaired your skin, so a night cream focuses on the skin's recovery.

Is it necessary to use products from the same series, or is it okay to mix?
First and foremost, you should look over your skin care problems and then choose products that fit. Although not necessary, we recommend that you use products from the same series. This is because they are designed to complement each other and deliver the best possible results.

Ecollagen anti-aging

When should I start with anti-aging products?
Many wrinkles arise the sun - to prevent this is true that you are already at a young age begin with regular application of sunscreen cream. See also keep the skin moisturized to minimize the appearance of fine lines that eventually become wrinkles. 25-year-old is a good time to start introducing preventive skin care products into your routine, but remember always to treat your specific hudbehov and adapt your routine accordingly. And, do not forget eye cream - the thin skin around the eyes have other needs that differ from the rest of the face and that is where the signs of aging appear first. 

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