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Perfect Eyebrow

What are the benefits of Defining your Eyebrows

• Gives more definition to the eyebrows
• Fills in patchy sections
• Shapes the eyebrows
• Emphasizes face personality
• Enhances the eyes frame

Make sure your eyebrows are shaped. In the make-up
application process, it should be done before applying
foundation, concealer and powder to the face. Eyebrow
shaping is the most important facial feature because well
defined eyebrows will frame the eyes, make them look
bigger and give the face a polished look.

1. To emphasize your eyebrows, use either pencil or
powder, fill in any gap. Choose the relevant shade for
your complexion. Choose a colour that complements
your skin tone and hair color. Use light strokes to fill in
any gaps. Brush through again with the brow brush to
blend correctly.

• Pencils/powders should be used only to fill in sparse
• Never draw the pencil through the whole eyebrow in
one stroke. Use an upward/outward motion. Keep your
eyebrows as natural looking as possible

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