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Discover SkinPro Cleansing System by Oriflame - For the skin you have always dreamt of!

Visibly softer, smoother, more radiant - looking skin – in just 1 minute a day Discover SkinPro Cleansing System by Oriflame – a new cleansing sensation.

Did you know that proper cleansing, morning and evening, is fundamental for beautifullooking
skin? Manual cleansing removes a lot of the daily build up of dirt and impurities
– but the new SkinPro Cleansing System from Oriflame removes an amazing 5x more than manual cleansing alone. With SkinPro, professional deep cleansing takes just 1 minute per day. It’s simple, highly effective – and you’ll be amazed at the improvement in your skin!

Why is proper cleansing important?
Oils, traces of make-up and environmental pollutants build up on your skin during the day. Ultimately they can clog your pores and, if not removed properly, will make your skin appear dull, rough and cause breakouts. That’s why thorough cleansing is essential for your skin to look its absolute best.

 SkinPro is your best daily cleansing solution
SkinPro by Oriflame is a highly effective cleansing device that is gentle enough to use every day. It is specially designed to reveal the skin you always dreamed of.

What does 5x cleaner skin give you? Here are the results:
• 8x brighter, more radiant skin*
• Less visible pores **
• More even skin tone**
• Improved skin texture*
* Clinical study 2013 ** Consumer test 2013
See amazing improvements in your skin
SkinPro’s incredible deep cleansing action not only removes impurities, it also helps
your other skin care products work better. This is because the products you use in your daily skin care routine will penetrate deeper on cleansed skin.

How it works
The SkinPro Cleansing System can be used with any Oriflame daily facial cleanser. It comes with two brush heads, which are perfectly shaped for the ultimate,professional facial cleansing experience. There is a normal/sensitive brush, recommended for daily use,which has long, soft bristles to gently cleanse and massage your skin. There is also a deep cleansing brush for weekly use, designed to clean deep-seated impurities from pores.
Use SkinPro to get the most out of your daily routine:
- Moisten the brush head with water. - Apply a small amount of your favourite cleansing gel to the brush  - Cleanse by moving the brush head gently in circular movements over forehead, cheeks and chin for 1 minute. Avoid the eye area. - Rinse face with water.

 SkinPro Cleansing System can be used with any face wash or cleanser in Oriflame’s portfolio

Great quality and impressive results – at an affordable price SkinPro is incredible value for money. When you compare to other premium, top performing cleansing devices, SkinPro gives you the same clinically proven results at a fraction of the price. That means beautiful skin has never been more affordable!

All this is included with SkinPro:
• 2 speeds for a personalised cleansing experience
• 1-minute program with automatic shut-off
• Rotating, tapered brush heads
• Water resistant
• Battery driven (battery included)
• Sleek travel bag and stand (included)

SkinPro: Professional cleansing for the beautiful skin you’ve always dreamt of.

The Products

SkinPro Cleansing System

SkinPro cleansing system is an effective 2-speed powered cleansing brush that deeply cleanses and gently massages the skin. Removing more dirt, makeup and oils than manual cleansing resulting in visibly smoother more radiant skin with a more even skin tone
13.2 x 9 x 4.5 cm  Buy Here

SkinPro Normal/Sensitive Brush Head Refill 2pcs
27968 Buy Here

How To Use

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