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Makeup artist and beauty blogger Linda Hallberg has once again won the award for the year beauty blog. This explains Linda on the blog and share their best tips for a perfect party makeup.
It is the fourth time that your blog wins the title of the Year beauty blog at WR Blog Awards. How does it feel to have such a large and well-liked blog?
- It's incredible fun to get anything back for it to work so hard every day. It really makes you want to continue to progress even more.

How have you and your blog evolved since the first time you won?
- I have learned a lot more about the photo, making images is much better than before. My own style has taken shape and I have really found what precisely I'm good at. I have also started its own YouTube channel, which I think is estimated lot of my readers. Since I have obviously also been developed as a person, I have learned to appreciate things more and are not as shy as I was before. I have also learned that if you want something, you get put on a charcoal himself, things do not come to one.

You put up a post every day called today's look, was download all the inspiration?
- I draw inspiration from everything! Fashion magazines, nature, Instagram, blogs, music, and my mood.

Party season is going, what makeup products should I go for if I want to get into a stylish party makeup?
- Make use of a primer to keep makeup in place, both the face and eyelids. Edge Products to fix brows and frame your face in the best manner. A stylish eye shadow palette with both light and knalliga colors and some colorful lipstick that you can apply if you are in a hurry and do not have time to put an eye makeup.

How do I get a good base before a long night of partying?
- Start by applying a primer and then work into your foundation, do not cut corners, but rather let this step take a little longer. If you have oily skin, finish with powder to attach your foundation and ensure that it stays in place during the evening. Have also happy with you a powder in the bag so you can dab on during the evening if skin becomes glossy. Obviously, it is also important to find a foundation that suits your complexion and your needs for it to last as long as possible.

How would you describe the perfect New Year's makeup?
- Super Stylish complexion, smoky eyes and nude lips.

What is your beauty promise for the New Year?
- To try to keep better track of all my beauty stuff, I'm incredibly messy and throw things around me which often results in too much stress when I can not find what I'm looking for.

5 quick with Linda - my New Year Makeup
Lips or eyes? Lips Sooty eye makeup or classic eyeliner? Sooty eye makeup Rouge or bronze powder? Rouge dark or bright nail polish? Dark nail polish set up or hair down? hair u

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