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When we speak of the usage of mandarin, tea tree and the passion fruit in  beauty products, nowadays, they appear in pretty vast range, mainly because they have a numerous health benefits and very pleasant odor. I have found a really vast number of pretty interesting data related to all of them. If you’re interested in this particular subject, I suggested that you stay and read this article to its end, you may learn something that you didn’t know :-). So, let’s begin...
    The Usage of Mandarin in Beauty Products;
     Mandarins were originally coming from China, where they have been historically appreciated as a significant symbol of good luck and fortune. In this modern time, mandarin is cultivated in all countries of the Mediterranean region and also in some tropical and sub-tropical parts of the world. There are a couple of different varieties of this highly popular fruit- Mandarin (from China), Tangerine (named after Tangier, a city in Morocco), Clementine (from Japan) are the most popular (and worldwide known) sorts. Generally speaking, mandarins are much sweeter and tastier than their other varieties (although, its flavor may vary from sort to sort, range from very sweet and juicy to too tart and even too spicy).
    Its essential oils are equally valued in perfume manufacturing industry and the cosmetic industry. Mandarin essential oil has highly sensual and very rich floral odor and because of that has been the vital ingredient in pretty vast range of the popular cosmetic lines and perfumes, these days. It's uplifting and very sensual scent blends very nicely with another, mainly, citrus oils. When we speak about its aroma, it is very sweet and pleasant, very fruity and citrus with a light floral undertone. This scent is very relaxing and calming, and very suitable for producing all kinds of a bit mystical (or fantasy) fragrances.

   The Usage of Tea Tree in Beauty Products;
We all know that the main benefit of high quality tea is to, in a way,” steal” a moment (or two :-)) of our time, and provide freshness with mind-blowing instant energy, when we’re feeling exhausted and also feeling the lack of energy. What is so attractive about the tea? What caused the people’s very strong addiction to drinking the gallons of tea the each day? The answer is more than obvious: its very pleasant aroma, its irresistible good taste and attractive flavor. The addition is that strong; that people, from all parts of the world, even fixed the time for a cup of tea and fit it in, with their daily routine (How sick is that? :-P Crazy Brits :-)) and that is known as “TEA TIME”.
    Tea may have certain disinfecting properties that have been shown to be highly effective, when it comes to the “fighting” against the awful bacteria which causes acne. Its essential oil is prescribed to have some anti-inflammatory properties and that it presents, in fact, an antioxidant. Tea tree oil, which contains very high levels of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, is incredible for healing the skin, and, that’s presents one of the main reasons why is as popular as an ingredient, in many skin care products.

    The Usage of Passion Fruit in Beauty Products;
Also known as a wild passionflower, old field apricot, Mayapple, passion (apricot) -vine, Granadilla, white sarsaparilla… But, the most famous by its name- yellow passion fruit. It grows best in a tropical climate, which has a full-season hot days and nights. Its called passion fruit mainly for its highly exotic flavor and aroma, but also for its truly amazing medicinal and very high nutritional properties. The highly interesting data, which I’ve found while researching, is how passion fruit got its name (just to stress out that hasn’t anything to do with passionate love :-), in case, you’ve been guessing). It's got its name by the torments and Passion of Jesus (?!?!?!), therefore passion fruit, the most commonly, refers to “Flower of Jesus” (surprise, surprise, feel free to admit that you didn’t expect that’s coming :-))!
     Passion fruit is full of powerful acids and sugars, nutrients and non-nutritive (called phytochemicals), which make the fruits so tasteful and healthy and highly suitable as an addition to each diet. It also is very well known for its rich and very intense, exotic and tropical scent and taste (that’s why is highly popular in both industries- the perfume and cosmetic industry). Passion fruit oil is rich of high quality nutrients, which are excellent for skin (the most relevant ones are: Vitamins A and C, essential fatty acids, magnesium, calcium, copper and carotenoids).

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