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Primed, Powdered Perfection!

Primers are creams or lotions which can be applied before another cosmetic (the most often before the makeup application); in order to improve its coverage and lengthen certain amount of time that cosmetic lasts on the face. They’ve achieved their vast popularity over the last couple of years. Nowadays, there are a couple of people who are using a primer constantly and regularly (daily), because people aren’t aware of its benefits. There are so many benefits of using a primer. By using a primer, we can be absolutely sure that our pores visibility are minimized, our fine lines are also less visible and full and that our foundation, which will be applied over a primer, won’t look „cakey“. Primers are also of a great help, when it comes evening out our the skin tone and, at the same time, making our makeup last much longer during the all day! On offer in today’s global markets are so different kinds of cosmetic primers, such as, for example- various kinds of a foundation primer, eyelid primer, lip primer and even the mascara primer. That’s a really vast range of primers.
     Our cosmetic firm, Oriflame, has its own cosmetic line of the primers. In our latest brochure, you can see an Oriflame Beauty Perfecting Face Primer, which presets a silicone based primer, which not only smooths the most various imperfections on our faces and providing an incredibly bright complexion, but it also includes rejuvenating ingredients, such as retinol and milk protein 20, which are enabling for our skin complexion so needed condition, balance, and protection from all environmental stresses.
Here are some very practical advices how to use face primers:
     You should apply them a couple of minutes after your moisturizer (note, that you should allow, at least 5 (or so) minutes for the moisturizer to settle into your skin);
     You should use a pea size amount of your primer (that’s more than enough) and rub it very gently to your skin, and, at the same time, paying an extra attention to cover your under eye area (this will allow your concealer to glide pretty easy on a smoother area);
     After doing so, you should apply your regular concealer, foundation, or face powder, as you normally would;
The other product from this particular line is an Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Loose Powder. Loose powder presents, in case you don’t know jet :-), something you may apply right after your liquid powder or foundation. It is some kind of a magical powder, which helps in setting everything (makeup) on your face. Loose powder is an awesome thing, if you have an oily skin, because it soaks up all the oils, and, at the same time, leaving your skin dry, pretty and very smooth. You may apply your favorite blush, just after this powder (it’s all up to your preferences :-)). When you are applying loose powder, you should opt for doing that with the big blush brush.
    When it comes to application of the loose powder, since it more „build able“, you’re the one, who has absolute control (you’re holding the key: -)) over a some lighter coverage or a solid one. Depending on how you prefer. Extend, additionally, your perfect, refreshed and natural look with this luxurious powder. It leaves your skin flawless and translucent and, at the same time, sets firmly your makeup.
    These two beauty products present, nowadays, they absolutely must have! Allow yourself the luxury, which you don’t have to spend every single minute of your spare time, thinking about the condition of your make-up. Only by using these two marvelous products, you can be assured that, in every possible moment, your makeup is just perfect!

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