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Maximum Beauty, Minimum Effort

During the long and cold winter time, it’s a pretty normal phenomenon that, even the healthiest and properly hydrated skin, to become red, very vulnerable, cracked, lifeless and pretty dried. In order to, in a way, cure it (and to return to the previous state), it’s not enough just to fill in your toilet cabinet with a bunch of custom products for dry and dull skin, (in case, you haven’t done it already, now is the right moment, run to the nearest cosmetic store and buy a ton of these products, you’re gonna need these :-)). But, you should, also, have a daily schedule of skin care (which you ought to stick, at least twice a day).
But, besides us (which are having dry skin during winter); there are the people who, during the whole year’s time, have normal to extra dry skin. And them, as well (I hope so :-)) this article will be of a huge help. So, the daily skin routine for normal (dry skin) to extra dry skin, looks, approximately, like this:
1.    When you wake up, the first thing you should do, is to rinse your face out with a bit warmer water, in order to open your eyes properly (at least, this is the very first thing I do when I wake up, although I don’t have dry skin :-). It's more a matter of hygiene and a good habit);
2.    Then, you should take a shower, using body lotion for dry skin;
3.    After showering, you should, very gently, wipe your skin with a towel, patting it all the time (not with the rough and nervous movements, as this will only further dry, the skin, out);
4.    Your very next move should be to apply deep into your skin a body milk specially designed for the extra dry skin (feel free to apply it in a couple of thicker layers, these will, your dry skin, very fast to soak up);
5.    And after doing so, you should use a gentle moisturizing cleanser, (in order to properly clean your face), which have been especially intended for a dry and sensitive skin types;
6.    Your next move should be to use a toner (in order to help your facial skin to soak in all the moisturizing), but, note that some of the toners could be very harsh to the skin and may additionally to dry out the skin;
7.    The next step is daily moisturizer. In case, you possess any special creams for dry patches, now is just the right time to use them. Then, you should apply a high quality thicker daily moisturizer for the sensitive skin. Then, you suppose to apply it, in a very thin layer and, at the same time, by gently massaging it in with circular motions;
8.    And after doing so, you should use a day or sun cream (depending on your own preferences). Whatever cream, you opt for, the crucial thing, which you need to achieve, is that your skin is properly hydrated throughout the day;
9.    In case you prefer to wear foundation, I am strongly advising you to opt for a tinted moisturizer instead, or, maybe, the best choice here would be, to choose a mineral foundation for dry skin;

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