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 When, we’ve been discussing in the previous article about the highly effective eye creams, we said that they are the most expensive beauty products on the markets, these days. Although being the most expensive ones, they come in very small packages (for this rather large sum of money, anybody normal human being, would expect, at least, the packaging of a pound :-) and not of 15ml (how heavy the average eye cream is).
Let’s put joking aside, they usually present a product with a real magical formula (for instance, they are enriched with fatty acids and very potent silica formulas, which allow for the gentle and very thin skin under our eyes, to be strengthened, almost by instant). Whilst the healthy Vitamin C provides necessary brightness. Very common anti-aging ingredient is, well known for its properties, a derivative of Vitamin A, mighty retinol :-). In some, of the most recent scientific studies, apparently, was proved its efficiency and also its great influence on skin cells, in order to enhance the pressure on the mat (on cells), to encourage to produce some larger quantities of collagen (some kind of a skin natural plumber :-)).
But, two types of key ingredients, which the most of eye creams contain, are: humectants and emollients. While, humectants allow for the skin to stay properly hydrated and help it also to absorb and retain moisture. These eye creams also include in their composition urea and glycerin. The emollients, (like mineral oil and petrolatum) in the meantime, fill the empty spaces between the two skin cells and unfortunately, only temporarily) provide for the skin a smooth, soft and firm appearance. These ingredients, which are specifically geared to treat the very sensitive eye areas, could be a very reliable ally in the fight against the rapidly aging and of a really vital help in your fight, in order to maintain your youthful appearance. That’s why they are so popular and so eagerly wanted, by the all women, who have a mature skin, worldwide.
    The specific question here, would be: What exact benefits you can expect from using a moisturizing eye cream? To rephrase the question: Why, on Earth, should anyone normal set aside such a large sum of money, in order to buy such a tiny dose of eye cream? :-)
    Firstly, in order to see the very first, visible, results you must be very persisted in using your eye cream (that means that you should be prepared to pay for a several packs of this tiny (but, highly efficient) eye cream). When it comes to the factors, which may be contributed to how gracefully your skin ages, the list is, literary, endless. Its starting from genetics, over the most various internal and external factors and ends with overexposure to very harsh sun rays. That's a pretty wide range.
Let’s take genetics, for an instant. It can determine you in both, whether you belong to a group of those lucky few, who are naturally fortunate enough, to have minimal lines or you are belonging those less unfortunate ones, which have “the luxury” to be the unfortunate bearers of excessive wrinkles around their eyes. It’s a lottery, I am pretty much aware of that fact: -). You just can’t have the influence of genetics, but you can have a huge impact on your behavior (by saying that, I mean on your responsible behavior, when it comes to exposure to harmful sun rays). And also, regardless of what internal or external factors may be affecting the skin around your eyes, moisturizing eye creams might be of a really great help, when it comes to minimizing (or even delaying or, at least, temporarily hiding them) the premature signs of aging.

    Although, I am avoiding bragging, I think, now, I have a proper reason :-). Our company, Oriflame, has distributed on global markets, brand new product of a famous cosmetic line, called “Optimals”. It is the effective eye cream, which is suitable for all skin types and for all of the ages. No matter if you are 21 or 71 years old, you can use this product expecting (and obtaining) the same effect. It reduces the (so called) puffiness and brightens the dark circles under your eyes and, at the same time, leaves the skin underneath your eyes refreshed and rejuvenated.

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