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Wedding season is right around the corner and it is time to plan your look before you say yes to your sweetheart! Here are the best makeup tips from the talented Swedish makeup artist, Alexandra Aronsson.
Only very few events that are so important that we spend months planning them. A wedding is one of them! In order to enjoy the day, plan every detail before the big day - even your makeup. Here you will find a schedule packed with tips from makeup artist, Alexandrea Aronsson.

Har du acne or other blemishes, now's the time to see a skin therapist.

'If you suffer from acne or just need a little extra glow, it is time to consult a dermatologist. Choose a treatment with a focus on cleansing and follow the treatment maintained by regular exfoliation, deep cleansing masks, thorough washing and use of tones. Combine with day cream, night cream, eye cream and serum. Feel free to use products with vitamin C. It will add even more glow to your skin, 'says Alexandra.'

'Get inspiration for your look in bridal magazines and on blogs. That way you know which look you should go for, "says Alexandra.

Natural makeup is perfect for a wedding. The natural look also dominated this season's catwalk. You can benefit from google SS14 makeup and find your look.

'Invest in a light-reflecting foundation, a waterproof mascara, eyeliner, a loose powder, primer and a bronzer, continues Alexandra. 'A waterproof mascara that resists moisture, heat and water (preferably a durable one at that, so you look good from morning to night) is a must! Remember! The more layers, the more volume. That way you can easily achieve just the look you dream of. Do not forget your eyebrows! Choose a color that blends in with your hair, 'is makeup artist at.

'If new pimples should be turned up (it's almost inevitable due to increased stress levels) should get a second deep cleansing treatment,' stresses Alexandra.

Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicare. It's easy to make at home. Alexandra recommend that you opt for nude shades as it looks best on the wedding pictures and fits very well to the ring. '

Use a primer under your foundation. 'It evens out skin tone and keeps your makeup, says Alexandra. If your face and chest tend to blush, she recommends that you use a yellow-toned foundation in particularly dangerous areas, followed by a foundation in your natural skin tone. Remember to protect the dress with a towel so that no makeup on, emphasizing makeup artist. '

• Transparent powder
• Lipstick or lip gloss
• Concealer to dab under your teary eyes

'Before the wedding pictures to be taken, so come a little powder on forehead, chin and nose. Getting too little on your new husband that he did not look nervous in the pictures', advises Alexandra.


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