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The stylish Swedish fashion designer Valerie Aflalo is au courant with a new accossories collection of Oriflame (check out this!). This summer, the Valerie stand breakage. It reveals Valerie her top tips for a beautiful wedding look.

What makeup look you go for?
- Flawless skin, understated pink cheeks, black eyeliner and endless lashes!

Where did you find inspiration for your look?
- In my work I read a lot of fashion magazines. Fashion and makeup uløstligt hangs together - and fashion magazines are my biggest inspiration. For me it's important that I like the makeup I have on otherwise I do not feel comfortable. I prefer a fresh look that is not too pale

Can you tell us anything about your dress?
- It took three months to design and sew the dress, which is made ​​of lace, I bought in Paris.

Do you have a tip for summer brides?
- Do not forget to use waterproof mascara and keep a handkerchief!

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