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Jadyn Robinson is a child of nature. She loves being outdoors when she is not working as a model. Meet the beauty behind Oriflame's latest summer campaign here.
 We caught Jadyn campaign after the shooting, which Jadyns own statements were absolutely fantastic and very fun.

What's your favorite look from the campaign?
- Without a doubt safari look with shorts, little jacket and hat.

How does your daily beauty routine like?
- I am very natural and does not use as much makeup. I do not much about my hair - at least not when I'm not at work. I try to wash my hair every day and I have ordered the hair of a professional hairdresser every month. My hair is exposed to a little of everything, so it needs all the love it can get near.
How did you
model? - I've always wanted to be a model and sought at an early age a photographer. He took pictures of me and introduced me to a lot of people. Then I got an agent. I was 16 at the time, but was not professional the following year.

What do you like best about being a model?
- The opportunity to travel, see the world and meet new people. This year I have been in France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Iceland, which was absolutely fantastic. Last year I was in New York, Miami and Taiwan.

Do you have a favorite destination?
- I have it still to come. I'm not a strong bypige. I need nature! I am from Cape Town and therefore it can drive me crazy if I'm not surrounded by nature.

How do you look when you are not at work?
- My style is very hippie-like with long skirts and tie-dye. It must be as free as possible. Not like a model!

What is your best MakeUpTip?
- - Do not overdo it. That's my tip.

What will you do after your career as a model?
- I want to be pre-school teacher. It requires me to further educate myself and it is my plan to study while I work as a model.

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