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Oriflame Cosmetics Catalogue 8 UK & Ireland

Hello all and welcome to Catalogue 8 . I’m going to let you know about all the newbies we’re launching this Catalogue

3 is definitely the magic number this Catalogue as we bring you 3 steps to high summer styles in your favourite Swedish cosmetics. The brochure is bursting with colour and flavours and beauty bonus offers that are really going to get sizzling in the summer heat…

So without further ado lets take a look…

The inside front cover offers customers a punch of 5 juicy hot pink hues from our well-loved Power Shine Lip Gloss range. These fruity favourites offer an amazing pearly shine thanks to the sparkling micro-particles that make your lips catch the light like a dewy ripe cherry. The gloss is enriched with VITAburst complex, a blend of natural berries, full of Vitamins A, C, and E:

Vitamin A: to soften the lips.
Vitamin C: to enhance skin elasticity for supple, beautiful lips that are better equipped to stay smooth and hydrated
Vitamin E: a potent antioxidant with skin-protective qualities to keep Lips looking in great condition

These gorgeous fruity cocktails of colour deliver a fruity hit of lip-loving goodness with every application and are available for just £2.95/€3.95 to anyone spending £15.00/€20.70 in the Catalogue.

Turning a page you will see we are giving you an added beauty bonus this Catalogue and any customers spending just £20/€27.60 in Catalogue 8 will qualify for the entire set of Pure Nature Skin Care for only £4.95/€6.85.

Yes that’s right! For less than a fiver customers can be treating themselves to a delicious skin care regime that’s inspired by natural ingredients and will protect against the signs of ageing.
Pear & Nectarine antioxidants neutralise free radicals and slow down the ageing process in the skin whilst protecting against environmental damage such as sun exposure, smoke and air pollution.

Pears are rich in antioxidants and protect the skin against external damaging factors, whilst nectarines help to promote good skin health and are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fibres and proteins.

Here, we have on offer 3 steps to skin vitality with the Pure Nature Pear & Nectarine gently foaming anti-oxidant Face Wash, light and refreshing Face Cream and the refreshing, cooling and gently hydrating Eye Gel. Use the offer code 480987 and be sure your customer’s don’t miss this delicious summer offer.


New in make-up this Catalogue we’ve got the Instant Nail Protector that delivers stronger nails in just 1 stroke.

This nail care solution is for customers who are complaining about soft, thin nails that are prone to flaking and splitting.

It’s enriched with RevivActiv ingredient, an effective hardener that performs as a supportive structure to your nail with continued use. It promotes restructured nails that are noticeably stronger, smoother, harder and more flexible over time.

Apply just one coat on bare nails to strengthen or use alone for a glossy elegant finish or as a base under your favourite nail polish.

At just £3.45/€4.75 you can afford to team this purchase up with your favorites Pure Colour Nail Polish.

Our favorite pops of Pure Colour Nail Polishes have £2.20/€3.20 off in Catalogue 8 so you can be sure to stretch the pennies for a couple of these manicured must-haves.
These high-shine nail polishes are available in a huge range of shades with Lavender Shimmer being a popular choice sale wise so far. They are great value for money and give a gorgeous glossy finish.

Recently we have seen in the gossip columns that celebrities are opting for hand botox to hide the signs of ageing, but here at Oriflame we believe in prevention rather than a quick fix cure. It’s been proven that a good moisturiser can prolong the signs of aging hands and being as our hands are always on display it’s important to keep these well looked after. This Catalogue on page 99 we have some fab offers on our best-loved hand creams…

The Intense Hand Protection Concentrate will repair and protect dry, rough hands and contains nourishing actives for more supple skin. And the Pro-youth Hand Cream defends against UV, hydrates and evens skin tone whilst giving hands a conditioning treatment they deserve.

Both hand creams are on offer here and customers can get the set of Nail Buffers for just £1.66/€2.25 with any purchase of the creams, simply order both codes to claim this offer.


Next and new into make up we have the Very Me Extendalash Mascara for those customers looking for definition, length and curl. This really is a 3-in1 mascara that delivers it all, thanks to one of the most innovative lash-hugging brushes in the mascara world.

The special plastic brush (on focus on in the catalogue) features a cluster of mini bristles at the end of every bristle to achieve the doll-like length, curl and definition we’re after.

Try it for yourselves today at only £3.45/€4.75 in Catalogue 8.

We have a new launch into Oriflame skincare this Catalogue too, and a welcomed addition for our Optimals Smooth Out customers.

Continuing in the success of the Optimals Smooth out range we now bring to you the Eye Cream in our unique roller ball applicator.

The Optimals Smooth Out range promise’s visibly smoother skin and is aimed at women aged 40 and over. Each product contains anti-oxidant Lingon 50:50 and the added mineral ingredient of magnesium which helps to fortify skin structure, making skin firmer and smoother.

The new Eye Cream with roller ball applicator promotes fewer visible wrinkles and gives a plumped-up eye area for younger-looking eyes. 84% of women who tried the eye cream saw the effects of firmer skin around the eyes in just 4 weeks.

We have a fantastic offer price attached to this launch and customers can get both the eye cream and day cream for just £17.90/€24.70 which is incredible.

However, for further £1.90/€2.65 they can also qualify for the gorgeous Cosmetic Bag which makes a great gift for under £20/€30.

The offer on the Cosmetic Bag is only for customers who are buying any 2 Optimals products from pages 67-69.

Now it’s not often I talk about new launches into Oriflame Body Care but this next Limited Edition summer collection inspired by the experience of one woman’s journey, into the harmonic and peaceful culture of the East

While the Aimi collection offers body care and accessories the heart of each range is a beautifully serene fragrance mist, a great alternative to traditional perfume for those who want a light scent. Offering three distinctly different ranges, there is something for everyone. A zen-like floral green fragrance (whispering Breeze), a sparkling fruity floral scent (Heavenly Blossom) and a sensual Oriental woody sandalwood (Mystic Caress).


Breathe in the fresh air and become instantly revitalized in the gentle whispering wind.

The Whispering Breeze Fragrance Mist is a lightly scented fragrance that captures the Zen of the Bamboo forest. It’s a beautiful selection of Asian ingredients that intermingle to create a delicate scent.

Formulated with a lower concentration than a fine fragrance, this all-over body mist can be reapplied throughout the day whenever you want to refresh. The lightness of a mist is perfect for layering your personal care products.

Whispering Breeze Shower Gel and Anti-perspirant 24H Deodorant offers a light summer scent in personal care body products. The shower gel gently cleanses the skin, leaving behind a wonderfully floral green scent while the anti-perspirant offers 24-hour deodorant protection.


Next, if you can imagine finding yourself in the serene and mysterious Imperial Gardens and walking amidst the blooming cherry blossoms then this one is for you…

The Heavenly Blossom Fragrance Mist has a Blossom heart enhanced with sparkling Ozonic Morning Dew and a Floral Tea Accord, drying down to a musky Sandalwood Accord.

Delivering the irresistible scent of a fine fragrance in a delicate spray, this luminous mist is ideal for summer when you are looking for something light and refreshing. The Heavenly Blossom collection also contains a Bamboo Fan, with a beautiful and delicate cherry blossom print that’s eastern chic upon the fashionista’s out there.

At finally, as night falls the air is filled with intrigue and sensual warmth that’s is only found in the East.

The Mystic Caress Fragrance Mist captures the mystical and sensual ambiance of the rare Agar Wood combined with the addictive Carmel Tea Accord, Peony and Toffee.

Gently spritzing this delicately scented mist gives a refreshing feeling on a hot day. Use alone or with our skin softening Mystic Caress Hand Cream for a luxurious all-over body feeling.

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