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Mature skin Oriflame

Mature skin is skin that has reached different stages of ageing. It is often said that skin begins
to age from as early as twenty years old. This slow process can go unnoticed as the cells begin to
break down. The older you get, the faster the degeneration process and the changes to the skin
become more visible.

The process can be compared to that of wallpaper on the walls of a wooden house. The wood slowly
degrades behinds the wallpaper, but this doesn’t happen quickly enough for us to see it with the naked eye, although over a number of years we can see that the wallpaper on the wall has lost its shape. This occurs similarly with our skin. Under the skin, there are many muscles, and over time these muscles weaken and we get left with too much skin left on the surface. It is this abundance that gives us wrinkles and a complexion that loses its elasticity.

When your skin is ageing, its structural protein and collagen is broken down. The skin slowly loses both elasticity and firmness and becomes thinner and drier; making fine lines, wrinkles and pigment spots more visible. As if this wasn’t enough, the process considerably reduces the natural glow and the skin becomes generally more fragile.

There are no creams that completely prevent ageing, but there are things you can do to slow down the
process. By changing your skincare routine and using products that are more active, you can smooth out the fine lines that form before wrinkles occur. The new series from Oriflame, Time Reversing Intense, includes the active ingredient Amino+ that promotes collagen production and improves the density of the skin.

A daily routine for those with Mature Skin may look similar to the one below. Remember to use
products that add moisture, restore, strengthen, nourish and protect. Always wear sunscreen!

  • Always use an eye cream on the eye area where the skin is thinner and more sensitive. NewTime Reversing Intense SkinGenist Eye Cream with GenisteinSOY and Amino+ is aimed at the target group of women over 55.
  • End with day or night cream. Massage into the face and don’t forget your neck. The powerful GenisteinSOY, located in the new Time Reversing Intense SkinGenist Day Cream SPF 15 will help you maintain a rich and resilient complexion, while Amino+ promotes density and visibly reduces wrinkles. Also contains SPF 15.

It is most important to treat mature skin day and night and to use a face mask 1-2 times a week to
add a little extra. Don’t forget to use eye cream where the eye area is thinner and more sensitive.

Time Reversing Intense SkinGenist II TM Eye Cream 24667
Time Reversing Intense SkinGenist II TM Day Cream SPF15 24185
Giordani Gold Nourishing Cleansing Milk 24574
Time Reversing SkinGenistTM Day & Night Essence 24217

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