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Oriflame Triple Core 3D Lipstick

New this Catalogue in Make-Up we have the Triple Core 3D Lipsticks that we’ve all be waiting for. You’ve seen it on the catwalks and in the fashion glossies and now Oriflame are giving us the contrasting ombre lip look, and for less! At just £7.95 we are giving you 3 gorgeous shades in 1 lipstick to achieve the 3D pop volume that we’ve seen so much of.

Turning heads has never been easier thanks to the innotive lipstick technology that combines three different colours to create the optical illusion of fuller lips.

·         The Outer Core contours your lips in a dark, vibrant shade to define and maximise lip shape and size.
·         The Middle Core’s highlighting shade visually increases the volume of your lips, making them appear fuller and plumper, thanks to its extremely shimmery and glossy finish.
·         The Inner Core focuses on the inner part of the lips with its colour core adding the finishing touch and beautifying your lips.

The Triple Core 3D Lipstick is available in 5 hot shades with Red Coral set to be the choice of trend.

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