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Oriflame Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner 26531

Another new product into Make-up this catalogue is the brilliant Gel Eye Liner from our Studio Artist range. I was so excited to trial this and I’m so pleased with the results. Step over for my new Oriflame favourite product!

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of the Studio Artist range and admittedly a bit messy at applying eye liner. In fact I only ever use it for a night out because trying to get it right takes far too long in the mornings.

However, not this one! The studio Artist Gel Eye Liner offers precise application, intense colour and long lasting wear. On first impressions I thought the pot looked on the small side but you need only the smallest amount to achieve the hottest look.

The small glass pot helps the formula last without drying out so this will keep you going longer than a liquid liner or pencil in my opinion.

The brush that it comes with is silky soft and gentle on the lids. The slanted shape of the brush makes application easy and because it’s a gel formula the drying time is quick.

This product is a professional eye liner offering precise application, intense colour and long wear. Follow Celebrity Make-Up Artist Jonus Wramell’s tips in the catalogue to achieve definition in just a few strokes. 
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