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Top tips on how to use Concealer - Oriflame

The use of concealer helps you to look your best by fading away imperfections, discoloration or blemishes that foundation doesn’t cover.
It can also work wonders on tired eyes with dark circles. The less concealer you use and the closer it is to your skin tone, the more natural it looks. Moderation is the key.

When is concealer used?
Concealers can be applied before or after foundation. If you apply it under your foundation, it will provide less coverage. That’s why I recommend to apply it on top of foundation.
What shade should you choose?
The proper shade of concealer varies depending on the area to be covered.
• Under eye = Use a tone that is slightly lighter than the skin tone. It will help to cover the dark pigment. Use it to cover any imperfections that were not covered by the foundation.
• Blemish/discoloration/imperfection = Look for a shade that matches the foundation and skin tone exactly.
How do you apply concealer?
• Under eye area
Apply small dots of under eye concealer around the eyes and then dab it in slowly. Blending it would putting the concealer on only under the eyes. You should apply it all around the eye area. Often, the inner corner of your eyes is the darkest part and should not be overlooked.
• Blemish/discoloration/imperfection Using a small brush, apply concealer directly over the blemish or pimple. Blend it in using a gentle pressing  and rolling action with the tip of the finger.
• In both cases, a concealer brush is the perfect tool in the application of concealer.
• To perfect your look, explain to your customer the necessity of choosing a different concealer for the under eye area and for covering imperfections.
• To get the best results out of the concealer, you should not draw the attention to your under-eye area and avoid applying eye liner or mascara to your lower lashes.
• For puffy eyes try applying cucumber slices, or moistened tea bags to draw out the toxins
• I recommend to use an eye cream to target puffy eyes (please see our skin care range for eye creams
cause the wrinkles to come out more.

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