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Top Tips on Face Powders and how to use . Oriflame

Powder sets and fixes foundation and concealer to ensure make-up last longer.
If it contains pearly ingredients, powder also adds radiance to the face. Use it to diffuse any imperfection.
It keeps shine under control and gives your skin a matt finish. If it contains pearly ingredients, powder also adds radiance to the face. Use it to diffuse any imperfections.

Types of powder
Loose powder
• Is finer and lighter than pressed powder
• Sets make-up and blots shine
Pressed Powder
• Increases light reflection
• Sets foundation and is practical for touch-ups
• Can be applied on bare skin as a base For practical reasons, recommend to use the loose powder at home and to carry the pressed
powder in their handbag for emergency fix-ups duringthe day.
Which shade should you choose?
It’s recommended, for foundation, to choose a shade that well matches your natural skin tone or one shade lighter in order to brighten the complexion and give it more transparency. As for the foundation, advise  to always have 2 shades of powder to match your skin tone according to the seasons to apply on bare skin

How do you apply powder?
1. Allow the foundation to dry for a few minutes before dusting the face with powder.
2. Pick up some powder with a brush and tap it off on your hand to remove the excess powder from the brush before you apply.

3. Dust a light layer of powder over the entire face
4. Lightly cover the T-zone area (chin, nose and forehead)
• Make sure to cover the entire face, including lips and eyelids
• Excess of powder can be removed by softly running a brush over the skin

Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Pressed Powder
Ultra fine texture flawlessly blends with the skin for a natural look, without caking or settling into fine lines. Leaves the skin luminous and shine-free. Light reflecting Illuma Flair™ Complex blurs imperfections and gives a natural finish in all types of lights.

Oriflame  Powder Portfolio
An overview of all available powders in the Oriflame Colour Cosmetics Portfolio.

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