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Learn the most basic makeup tricks for women on the go! Our Global Beauty Artistic Director, Jonas Wramell share their best beauty tricks.
 What is the best way if I want to go from day to evening makeup?
- When the sun goes down, you can choose a makeup with stronger pigment when light is not as intense. The easiest way is to add a bolder shade on the lips. You can also use a blue, brown or black eyeliner pencil that you paint inside the lash line or below the lower lash line. Then you do not need to reapply mascara as eyeliner pen will add intensity to your look.

Share your best beauty tips for older women?
- Apply a primer after your day cream, it is a silicone based product that blurs all lines, minimizes the appearance of pores and evens out skin tone, giving you the perfect foundation for makeup. Many women over 40 years suffer from broken capillaries, cover them with a good concealer. Choose a light and sheer liquid foundation that provides your skin with plenty of luster, as the skin loses luster in that it ages. Finish the look by accentuating the eyebrows. Fine, shapely brows together with a simple makeup creates a fresh and youthful appearance.

What are the three most important makup  that every woman should have in her makeup bag?
- You need a large eyeshadow brush. A larger brush, which is good to have to simply highlight and define the eyes. To create outlines, you need a fine brush for easy application. And everyone should own a foundation brush to create the perfect base. Just do not forget to keep your tools clean, make sure you wash them regularly.


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