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Shiny and shimmering powdered pink, neutral with shining particles, or a classic matte red? Today, choose the right tool for the lips - not an easy task! But we are ready to help you. Read our expert advice!
Looking for a way to make the perfect lip makeup, or choose a tool that is best suited to you? Our expert is ready to help you with professional advice. Meet Creative Director Oriflame Jonas

What you need to take into consideration when choosing a lipstick?

- For those who are younger, I would advise lipstick bright colors: vintage rose, light pink, beige, neutral, pale pink. You can add a little sparkle to her lips shone - just a little bit. Those who are older, I recommend lipstick with moist texture and matte lipstick. I think that the deeper the color of lipstick, the more pronounced should be a matt effect. For example, if your favorite color - sensual Rouge Noir, the matte version, it will look much more advantageous than in the shining gloss.

What is the difference between a liquid lipstick and lip gloss?

- Lip Gloss gives your lips shine. This is the meaning of this product. Liquid lipstick gives your lips color, but not necessarily shine. Meaning lipgloss - in the sense of moisture that it gives your lips.

And what is a hybrid product?

- Hybrid product - when combined in one product lip gloss, lipstick and Tint.

When you need to use a pencil for the lips?

- Pencil is needed when you want to emphasize or correct the shape of the lips. For many people, the natural contours of the upper lip are not as correct as the bottom, to the same age lips become paler or their outlines become less clear - in all these cases, I recommend using a lip pencil. Also pencil is appropriate when you want to create an expressive and long-term effects. Sometimes the makeup, I only use a pencil - shaded line with your finger and do not add anything more than that.

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