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Soothing Warmth: The Ultimate Luxury

 I’ve already confessed that the whole Swedish Spa program is one of my favorite ones. I am simply bewitched with their quality and efficiency. Each product of this marvelous collection has its benefits to our skin. Today, we will be talking about three, by my humble opinion, the best products, which the Swedish cosmetic firm Oriflame has to offer. It’s about: “Swedish Spa Anti-cellulite Cream”, “Swedish Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub” and “Swedish Spa Beauty Wonder Oil”. Allow me to introduce to you each product a little bit better :-)

My absolutely unmatched or without any second thoughts, the most popular, and also the best-selling product in the entire Swedish Spa collection, magical “Swedish Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub”. This highly effective and utterly potent body scrub isn’t favorite product, for the vast number of ladies all around the globe, for nothing. Its magic lies in its quiet, easy absorption and, after using it, you can feel that your skin is unbelieving become wonderfully soft to the touch and highly smooth. From time to time, even the healthiest skin needs regeneration, if it is the case, now, with your skin, feel free to go ahead and reach this aromatic cosmetic. I can even, guarantee that the salt and almond shell granules will polish your skin very gently, while the magical and really potent ginger oil will tonify it. This divine body scrub possesses and hydracare + effect, which will provide for your skin an additional dose of softens, at the same time, while sweet almond oil will soothe and Vitamin E provides for your skin the best possible protection of which you could only dream about. And the scrub smells so divine, that after using it, there isn’t no need for usage any other product, such as lotion, because your skin will be sufficiently hydrated. This particular cosmetic leaves a very thin layer on your body skin and it allows a highly unique feeling like you’ve been using an essential oil for the body. I even, practice to use this scrub for my feet and in my hands and, so far, I haven’t discovered any side effects at all (I will be informing you, if it changes :-))

              The second of my top favorite’s one list, is: ““Swedish Spa Beauty Wonder Oil”. I figured it out, that this product can be used in two ways, depending, of course, of your preferences. One is as an oil bath and the other is to directly apply it to dry skin (I used the both ways, switching them each time :-))). I’ve found and the third usage of this beauty oil, can you guess? No, it’s for the massages (although it may also be used for this- good point! :-)). You can apply it on whatever part of your dry body, in order to get proper hydration (on your feet, cracked skin on your heels or, even, the skin under your eyes, without any fear at all). This product is highly efficient and it’s convenient for mutiusage. It smells absolutely gorgeous, and it's made without any sticky or greasy effect.

         And, the last product of this utterly stunning collection is: ““Swedish Spa Anti-cellulite Cream”, although I don’t have the “cellulite issues” I love to apply this amazing anti-cellulite cream right after showering, because I fell in love with its magical scent (lousy excuse, but presents the bare truth :-P). I have read somewhere on the Net, that this anti-cellulite cream is enriched with some really potent ingredients, which plays the crucial roles, when it comes to accelerating the blood circulation, which leads to faster melting of fat deposits in our entire body. Good to know, maybe, I will have, someday, some problems with stubborn and persistent cellulite, on which, for now, I hear of the stories of a desperate woman, and this knowledge will, eventually, be very useful :-)!

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