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A Holiday Every Day

I must confess, that I really hate this period of the year! Wondering why? Late August time. Summer heats have, mostly, stayed behind us. I feel that highly depressed, pretty chilly and windy autumn weather is, really, fast approaching- I can feel it in my heart, soul and bones. Summer is about to end soon, just a few days separate us from the beginning of autumn. Doesn’t that fact makes you sad, too? Now, it’s just the perfect time to, in a way, sum up all our impressions of the summer holiday. Please, raise your hands, who is for it! :-) Outstanding, we have a majority! :-)
 The most probably, very few of you, who are, at the moment, reading this, have returned from their beautiful journey of some distant exotic country. For the most people it remains, still, an impossible dream. Although, this year, I haven’t been anywhere specific, I have been traveling a lot, during my (relatively :-)) short life. I felt an ultimate happy when something or somewhat reminded me of one my traveling.
And, these days, the famous Swedish cosmetic company, Oriflame, has found a unique way for us, to get us back on our summer adventure in which every day is a holiday. How is that, even, possible? I am gonna reveal you the secret. We, already, have been discussing about how, just an ordinary smell has the ultimate power to recall our deepest memories. Remember? We, in Oriflame, have been aware of that fact for years and, now, we decided to use that knowledge in order to our faithful customers offer a highly unique experience to revive the best holiday moments of their lives. Wondering how? We imagined and launched on the global market, an outstanding line of the most beautiful scented shower gels, each of them, is inspired with by a different country. Pretty bold, but quiet thoughtfully, imagined. That, I must confess, was a pretty risky business move, but it turned out to be, the most effective one.
Nowadays, in our latest catalog, we are very proud to offer to you, our best-selling and, at the same time, the most popular, four shower gels. They are: “Discover Bali Paradise Shower Gel”, “Discover Brazilian Passion Shower Gel”, “Discover Brazilian Adventure Shower Gel for Men” and the last, but not the least exquisite one: “Discover Parisian Delight Shower Gel”. They are all very gently to your whole body skin and by using them, on a daily basis, you can be absolutely sure that your entire body skin is properly nourish and utterly hydrate. It has non-sticky and non- greasy effect. These wonderful shower gels leaves your skin an ultimate refresh, very soft, highly gentle to a touch and with a hint of a gorgeous scent, which reminiscent you on the days that you spend in some exotic land. Let the summer to last, thought your memories, a little bit longer :-)!
They are all, on the sale, you can buy these paradise shower gels, literary, for pennies! By ordering today, you can save up to 40%. And like always, and now, for all our Oriflame ladies, we approve, even, bigger discount! So, if you are not already a member, maybe now is your best opportunity to join our successful team and to shop, for all our products by outlandish low prices, and to have utterly fun, and, at the same time, to earn nice: -)


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