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Eau De Perfume Miss Giordani

We, the ladies from the all over the world, are pretty hard to satisfy. Regarding all, the makeup, the outfit, even the nail polishes. Every single one of us, has her own “sense” of style and preferences, which, in a way, quite understandable and bearable :-). But, when it comes to choosing desired scent (aroma) note, we are very picky. Not only does the perfume smell on everyone's skin smells quite different, but, also we aren’t the true fans of exact notes (taking me as an example, I’m getting sever rash all over my body, if I only smell in the air the traces of the vanilla (not literary, of course, I’m not allergic or something :-)). Get the picture? I hope you do :-). Knowing all this, the famous perfumers are on severe torments. They wanna create the perfume, which are gonna like the vast majority of the ladies (pretty similar situation refer to men, although they aren’t so picky (of course :-)), as women are).
However, some of them are pretty successful in reaching their goal (the very first though, which comes to my mind is-remember the huge success which has gained the Dolce&Gabanna’s Perfume “Light Blue”. It can yet be found on the shelves in the perfumeries around the world). Either way, it’s pretty hard to achieve. In particularly Dolce&Gabanna’s case, I think that’s more about the attractive commercial and by the brand itself, than the outstanding perfume, although I DO fancy their “Light Blue”. But, as the most famous perfumes, Dolce&Gabanna’s Perfume “Light Blue” is awfully expensive. So, this mighty perfume, although be adorable scented, for, let’s say, three quarters of a female population it isn’t affordable.
We, in Oriflame, as always, tend to meet your desires and fulfill all of your dreams. Leading by these goals, we create unique and just lovable perfume, which are gonna be, in the same time, very affordable for the vast majority of ladies. Thus, we have created our newest fragrance from the famous collection Giordani Gold, called: “Eau De Perfume Miss Giordani”. The creator of this highly sophisticated and encompassed with the high passion, which reminiscent of the Italian lifestyle, is a world-renowned French perfumer Lucas Sieuzac. He admits that his primary goal was to create so the mighty and seductive perfume, which will present, in a way, a reflection of the incomparable Italian elegance combined with the sophisticated woman, who wears it. Which are gonna be utterly radiant and glamorous, with a trace of a strong personality. So, he has created the very glamorous, ultra stylish and utterly feminine “Eau De Perfume Miss Giordani”.
Its heart notes are white grapefruit, very fleshy mango sorbet and so stunning Calabrian bergamot, combined with a heartbeat of rare red Pondicherry pepper sparkles, very bright and sunny Neroli flower, white peony and freesia are abutting very subtle on a base of rich and warm woods and fresh fruity musks. This divine perfume presents a powerful blend of the floral and fruity notes.
Certainly, the signature of this outstanding fragrance is the stunning Neroli flower, which is growing warm areas of the magical land, Italy. The uniqueness of the Neroli flower is that this loveable flower grows on an orange tree, where is the very heart of orange blossom essence, and its essence has been extracted through a very intricate distillation process. It all provides for the beautiful Neroli flower a fresh, bittersweet citrus facet with a mighty combination of traces of highly sensual honeyed tones, which provide a sparkling glow of self-confidence, highly seduction and utterly vitality all over its wearer. This magical perfume possesses its additional dose of excellence, which provide for it, very capturing perfume bottle design that, in fact, presents the twist of a truly sophistication.
          Although, being brand new in Oriflame, its entry price is more than affordable. Allow your senses to enjoy in its perfect scent and allow yourself to be noticed and to be recognized by this utterly seductive and tempting fragrance, everywhere. Feel free to look it up in our latest catalog.   

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