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Scented Delights At a Sweet Price!

August is fast approaching. Unless you haven’t been on vacation already, now is the high time. My strong recommendation is one of the most lovable and highly luxury Greek Island, which is, among the tourists, well known as a „Blue Paradise“ and located in the warm Aegean Sea, Santorini.
There isn’t absolutely anything better than this truly divine Greek Island. I have been, so far, twice already, and a tiny part of both; of my soul and of my heart, was left there, so I'll be, in this truly irresistible and highly attractive island, always return. Not only because of that, there I have time of my life. Santorini presents a really interesting blend of historical, highly unique and enchanting features and truly amazing sandy beaches, quaint whitewashed villages and really extraordinary archaeological sites. This blend, every single time, fascinates me :-). And the orange and reddish sunset, which are going on every night, over the tranquil waters of the Aegean Sea, presents a truly unique once in lifetime, experience.
          Even by simply thinking and writing about the gorgeous Greek Island, I have this strange and tingling feeling and I just can’t resist and have to ask myself, why and this summer, I didn’t find enough spare time to visit this magical and brotherly country, where I always feel like I am at home. Whole Greece, without any exaggeration, presents my second home: -). I adore in every single visit to this land, I’ve been there over 20 times, so far, in my short (:-)) life! It’s a really indescribable feeling, I just can’t remember that I have, anywhere, so magnificent and particularly felt, like in Santorini. The sandy beaches are something so stunning and so beautiful. If you desire to relax and to have a real fun, under the hot sun, Santorini’s beaches surely present the excellent choice. Some of the most beautiful (based on my personal experience, of course) are: beaches of Baxedes, Koloumbos and Paradissos, which are located near Fanari Villas.
While you are in Santorini, you should visit also the highly unique black sandy beach (which extends all along the eastern coast of Santorini, so you won’t miss it :-)), which is ultimately popular for sunbathers and, of course, water sports enthusiasts as well as among swimmers. These beaches are situated in the coastal settlements of Monolithos, Perissa and (for me, the dearest one :-)) Kamari. But, you should also seek for, the world famous, red and white beaches (the nearest are near the historical city of Akrotiri). They both offer a truly wonderful and simply stunning Aegean Sea view. Hopefully, now you can understand why I have so strange and tingling feeling in my stomach :-).
But, when I think again,  I have the whole august available, so maybe, I drop down a bit, in order to get some tan and to mirror myself into the blue of the gorgeous Aegean Sea and eat, again, one of the these outstanding and highly delicious homemade local specialties, which are so good and tasty that I every time, literally, lick my fingers (the most of these local specialties are intended to be eaten by bare hands; just to understand each other, so you don’t think I'm some hoyden, which in the restaurants licking her fingers :-) :-P).
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