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Eco Beauty-The Beautiful Planet

Our planet is the only planet on which we could live (of course, for now. At this very moment, while I am writing this article, in progress are the last various scientific researches, related to whether the possible survival of our species on the other planets). And to us are to keep our mother Earth “pure” and “clean”, in order to hand over, to the next generation, on keeping. Instead of being responsible in safeguarding the health of our planet Earth, we are quite careless and damage it in the most diverse possible ways. Especially in its nature. But, the nature strikes back thought the most various nature disasters. Every day we are the witnesses’ of destroying earthquakes, which are so powerful that liquidate even the biggest cities to the ground, great and terrible floods that carry all before itself by causing, at the same time, large agricultural losses, quiet dangerous acid rains to the devastating hurricanes and tsunamis. It shows to all of us, how severe is our planet Earth, in fact, violated by our not caring about its health, bustling urbanization, exploitation its natural resources, such as deforestation, exploitation of its oil and coal, disregard for its flora and fauna and pollution of both; its waters and air.
Oriflame has recognized the greatness of this problem, thus it started to produce the Eco beauty products, for the main two reasons. Firstly, in order to allow for us to use from nature its best features to maintain beautiful and secondly, in order to give a more than deserved, credit and gratitude to nature and, at the same time, by expressing its admirations thought respecting and protecting the world’s natural beauties and flora and fauna. Since, this is a very broad theme, which deserves a serious approach I’ve decided to split into the two main parts- one will deal about protecting our nature, in generally speaking (it is more than obvious that it is the ONE :-)) and second one will deal with the same issue, but from a slightly different perspective, how the nature can be in the service of our beauty.
Being committed to safeguarding the environment, Oriflame has partnered with 4 organizations dedicated to social responsibility, naturalness and care of the environment.
Ø Fairtrade International (FLO) - FLO-CERT is a global independent certification company, which main duty is to inspect producers and traders, in order to ensure they comply with Fairtrade standards;

Ø EcoCert- by possessing its certification guarantees that natural and organic ingredients in our certified products are sourced in a sustainable way);

Ø Vegan- this practically means that in Oriflame’s products you can’t find any ingredients derived from animals, which could have been used in the production or manufacturing of products certified by the Vegan organization. This organization deals with the constant promotion of the reduction of animal use, and, at the same time, it strongly supports animal welfare; and

Ø FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) - presents an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization, which promotes responsible management of the world’s forests and is supported by all of the main global environmental organizations, such as WWF and Greenpeace.
So, Oriflame DOES care about:
4.     ANIMAL WELFARE; and

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