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Give Your Skin The Gift Of Natural Softness & Protection

Is there anybody who doesn’t love the feel of silk on the skin? I don’t think there is, do you? When your skin is so soft, smooth and shiny, feel free to link it to silk. You won’t be wrong. When your hair feels light, shiny, soft and tangle-free, people have a custom to say, that your hair is as smooth as silk. We all have been very well familiar with the data that silk, originally comes from silkworm, which spins the silk around itself, in order to form a really strong and highly protective net, which will protect the silkworm as it hibernates.
    But, nowadays, there have appeared the most various cosmetic products, which contain a certain level of a silk extract, a well known as silk-protein. The most recent researches have proven that silk has extraordinary moisture retention qualities and, at the same time, posses a really high level of UV ray blocking properties (If you think about it, a bit better, you can easily come to the conclusion, that this might be, because the silk is originally meant to protect the silk worm and so these blocking qualities, shouldn’t be so surprised to you).
    Japan and China are being the traditional sources of silk, we shouldn’t be so surprised by the fact, that these countries become aware of silk’s awesome properties and used that knowledge to imagine and design a really vast number of the most various cosmetic skin & hair care (and the makeup) products, which are enriched with really potent silk protein.
    I had an opportunity to read some of the reviews from the people, who have glorify the virtues of skin cosmetics containing silk protein. Those people, who have an oily skin complexion, wrote that silk protein controlled and reduced their natural oils, while those with dry skin complexion shared their experience with silk protein, and wrote that silk protein, in a way, locked the moisture in their skin, so their skin didn’t get any drier. One of the most glorified properties of silk protein, which I had an opportunity to read in these reviews were its amazing UV blocking features. The people, mostly, praise its effectiveness, which was found in the vast number of the sunscreens.
I have also read somewhere on the Net, that silk provides, for our hair, some pretty amazing things, like: it helps make our hair look smoother, much brighter and well… silkier :-). It’s not the rare case that people add some small dose of the silk powder into their hair conditioner, in order to achieve that their hair looks more attractive, brighter, softer and smoother (I was pretty amazed, when I have read this fact, it is an outstanding idea, I must confess, although I haven’t had the opportunity to try this on my hair, only because, a cosmetic grade silk powder isn’t very easy to come by here :-(). So, just in case, that you are in the same situation like me (that you can’t afford yourself that luxury to buy any of the divine silk textiles (gorgeous dresses were the very first, which have occurred in my mind :-))), try to add a small trace of silk into your skin care products- who knows, maybe your skin are gonna like it :-)!


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