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Ok, ladies, it’s high time to see how many of you haven’t had this “unique” opportunity to feel so frustrated and miserable after using your own chosen hair removal method and a week’s time you already can feel pretty high stubble grown. Feel free to raise up your hands, but please be honest and tell me the bare truth- I can handle it and I promise, I won’t judge you :-). So, many of you, I’m not surprised at all. And I’ve been in the same situation, more than a couple of times in my short life: -P. I know exactly, what’s that like! It comes to you to start crying from mere weakness and highly misery. You feel so helpless and so weak. I know that the vast majority can even sympathize with me, here. It comes to you to, literary, scream and shout with a loud voice and simply to burn the hair off of your legs (and from the rest of your body, as well :-)).
I think that God should have “punished” the men with body hair (wait, the men do have a hair all over their body (some of them a lot of!!), but they didn’t come to the, pretty strange, conclusion that they should, somehow, been removed. I know I'll hate myself, I'm gonna say this but, we women are the only curves, and we have imposed on ourselves that “unpleasant duty” to remove all of our body hair. Well, now, we desperately seek someone else to blame.
    The only thing, from my point of view, on which we can envy men on is that they haven’t had the periods, no child birth, no hair and makeup tasks to deal with (at least, the vast majority of, known to me, a real man :-)) and, of course, without any “religiously body hair removals” from almost the whole of their body!! Men, I’m so envy you!!! :-). But it is, how it is! I’m aware that I am not able to change centuries-old history! So, when we’re enjoying in torturing ourselves, it has left to find a painless and as durable treatment as we can, which will be able to prevent further irritations of our skin. Be it hot/cold waxing, depilation, shaving or even laser treatment, it's only important that is as gentler as it could be and cause no irritations.
Whatever the method you opt for, we in Oriflame, has designed, highly efficient after depilation (waxing, shaving…) lotion, called “Silk Beauty Soothing Body Lotion”, which provides extra moisture after each depilation. It is enriched with Silk protein and Orchid extract (which leaves your depilation areas ultimate soft and refreshed and with a hint of the Orchid scent), and Hair Minimizing Complex (which slows the growth of your hairs). And, if you opt that shaving would be your preferable method of body hair removal, we can offer to you, our outstanding “Silk Beauty Ingrown Hair Eliminating Gel”, with which you shave presents a true pleasure. It also consists of soft Silk protein and gorgeous Orchid extract and unavoidable Hair Minimizing Complex with which you’ll be absolutely sure that your hair grow back slower than ever before. An outstanding set, which is worth every single penny that I’ve paid for! If you want to feel ultimate sexy and highly desirable in the eyes of the men’s and to feel utterly confident and comfortable in your own skin, order this divine products jet today!

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