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Nature Secrets Shower Gels

Based on my personal opinion, there is, absolutely, no better season, than summer, regarding the light, highly adorable, utterly fresh and fruity smell. Summer is all about fruit, if you really think about it, a little bit, better. Summer is the time when mature, in my opinion, all the good juicy fruit (such as watermelon or strawberries) and in the summertime in our diet dominated, mostly, a little bit easier meal (such as the most various salads, which are very rich of vegetables; lighter meats, such as fish or chicken). All in the summer are being marked by light and unobtrusive, let’s take as an example, the perfumes. In summer time in perfume industry is dominated by the quiet light, fruity notes with an utterly refreshing aroma.
So, we in Oriflame, decided that, in the best possible way use, so let's call it, "the summer’s need" for a constant attendance of the most various fruit in a wide range of cosmetic products, so we, in our already well-known, Nature Secrets collection, have included, four, brand new, fruit shower gels.
The four brand new shower gels are: “Nature Secrets Shower Cream with Hydrating Basil & Peach”, which the main ingredient, an Anti-oxidant rich, basil extract helps skin to retain its natural moisture, while, at the same time, the vitamin-rich peach extract balances skin’s hydration.
“Nature Secrets Shower Cream for Sensitive Skin Jojoba & Mango”, which the main ingredient jojoba seed provides an exquisite rich oil that is easily being absorbed by the skin and brings utter softness and highly suppleness, while, at the same time, mango kernel butter, which is full of the rich and pretty powerful anti-oxidants, all kinds of the vitamins, and essential minerals, with excellent moisturizing properties, perfectly nourishes our sensitive skin.
 “Nature Secrets Exfoliating Shower Gel with Energizing Mint & Raspberry”, whose water mint’s green leaves our skin utterly refreshed, highly stimulating, and pretty cooled, as well as, it can also been boast to have moisturizing properties, while the raspberry’s red fruits are rich in protective antioxidants, such as energizing Vitamin C.
And the last, but not the least important shower gel from this divine collection is: “Nature Secrets Shower Gel with Relaxing Lavender & Fig”, whose the main ingredient- the lavender oil is an essential oil, which is a really crucial help, when comes to giving an ultimate feeling of calmness. It has a soothing scent, which is renowned for relaxing, for all of the senses. Fig extract, which is enriched by a variety of sugars as well as the Vitamins B and C, has an excellent moisturizing and nourishing benefit to your whole skin complexion.
This is outstanding collection, which simply exudes with a top luxury and the most attractive scents. Allow your skin to feel the ultimate luxury of an utterly fresh fruity scent. Hold the summer a little bit longer in your bathroom. If you order two of this pretty awesome shower gels, you can get a special discount!!! Especially, for all our Oriflame ladies, this set is available even cheaper!!! So, if you are not already a member, maybe now is your best opportunity to join our successful team and to shop, for all our products by outlandish low prices, and to have utterly fun, and, at the same time, to earn nice: -)


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