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Eau De Cologne

When I’ve read this title, the very first question that fell on my mind- what on Earth is Eau De Cologne? I mean, I have heard of Eau De Toilette and Eau De Perfume, but never of  Eau De Cologne. After a vast research I found out that Eau de Cologne (or shorter- cologne) presents, in fact, a perfume, which originally was made in the German place called Cologne (surprise, surprise: -P).
 The perfumer was, the German immigrant, Italian-born Johann Maria Farina, came up on a quite original idea in 1709, to create a blend of extracts (the usual measure was 2%–5% essential oils), alcohol, and water. He has, in a base of dilute ethanol (70%–90%) upgraded a mixture of the most various citrus oils, such as orange, tangerine, lemon, lime or grapefruit oil. Eau De Cologne can, also, in addition, to contain oils of a lavender, thyme, jasmine, rosemary or even the tobacco oil. Quite innovative young men, was that Johann :-), the most probably, in this ultra-modern time, in the 21st century, he would be considered quite ordinary aka one of many and would remain relatively unknown to the vast majority of the population. But, at that time, in the third quarter of a New Century, he was considered the right revolution progress (I am, just, wondering how the Holy Inquisition didn’t declare him a heretic and burned at the stake: -P :-), but never mined :-)).
    So, the new hit fragrance, composed by Farina, was utterly famous and absolutely must have to, nearly each, royal house in the whole Europe! Johann’s unique ability to produce a constantly homogeneous fragrance, which was consisting of dozens of mono essences, was considered, as a profound sensation, at the beginning of the XVIII century. Nowadays, the term “Eau De Cologne” can be applied to fragrances for both genders, for men or women.
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