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Rejuvenating Grape

We are, generally, familiar with the fact that the grapes have some pretty outstanding properties of our whole organism. Grapes can come in a range of colors such as green, orange and yellow to crimson, black, dark blue or even pink. But, whatever the color it is being, grapes are very rich in reservatrol (that is, actually, health-beneficial ingredient, widely known to inhibit various ailments, like: a variety of heart disease, the most various kind of cancer etc.).
The most recent researches show that grape seed extract may stimulate the production of new brain cells, that’s why is so famous in human clinical trials for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. These researchers also have confirmed our assumption, that grapes have some direct influence on our general memory. It has so many utterly awesome properties, some of them are: it is full of the most various antioxidant, which can be of a great help, when comes to “fighting” against our well-known enemies- free-radicals, its extract has also been shown to have some pretty outstanding wound-healing properties, when applied topically, the grape seed extract can directly lead to, our skin, looking much younger, almost by instant (mainly, because it's full of a collagen and elastin. In addition, grape contains a variety of other essential nutrients and substances (various vitamins and minerals), which are of a really great importance, when it comes to good looking and proper functioning of both, our skin and to the general health of our whole organism.
     The grapes, also, is pretty famous for its ability to activate genes, which have some certainty to cellular health, which presents an exciting new frontier in wellness programs around the globe.
   And some of these amazing properties have been maintained and in cosmetic preparations. Knowing all these facts, we shouldn’t be that surprised, that todays global market are, literary, flooded by the most various of products, which consist grapes as their main ingredient.
As always, Oriflame, has been taking grapes into consideration, when we were designed and launched on the global market our, now, already famous, cosmetic line, called: „Love Nature“, which contains an extra dose of  this mighty fruit. We were led by the thought and we wanted to create a set of products which will be suitable for all ages and for all skin types. Of course, the very first on our minds were the ladies in their mature age, who have some „rejuvenating issues“ :-P.
The set consists of: Eye Cream, Face Cream, Peel-off Mask and our brand new pride-Exfoliating Cleanser :-)! Pretty much every single product of this gorgeous set is very known (we are so proud of the fact, that our company is one of the pretty rare cosmetic companies, who have so many ultimate satisfactory and utterly loyal customers :-)). But, brand new product is Exfoliating Cleanser. Allow me to introduce it a little bit better :-).
    The best resolute, you can expect in the combination with our Peel-off Mask (of the same set), it is recommended that the treatment is applied 1-2 times per week, you can achieve some quite extraordinary results, when it comes to rejuvenating your facial skin complexion.
 „The procedure“ is rather simple :-). The first step- you should cleanse (with our new exfoliating cleanser) and pat your face very gently, in order to properly dry it. Then, feel free to apply one thin layer of the mask, in order to cover the face, you should avoid your eye area (because, in these areas our skin is so thin and highly sensitive). Leave on for 20 mins or until the mask fully dried. You can finish by peeling off. Grants that you will be, more than satisfied with the outcome! Feel free to see it by yourself and order the set jet today, you can save up to 40%, because these lovable products, are on the special, late summer, discount!

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