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Purifying Tea Tree

    Nowadays, tea tree oil enjoys an enormous popularity as a vital ingredient in the vast majority of cosmetic products (such as massage oils, a variety of face lotions, shampoos, masks, laundry detergents and, the last, but the least important in skin & nail creams) as well as in a variety of households. That popularity is in a constant increase. Tea tree oil is considered to have outstanding, although potential, antiseptic properties. It has been shown to be highly effective, when it comes to dealing a numerous bacteria, viruses, fungi or mites. This marvelously and utterly efficient essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the tea tree via the process of a steam distillation. This highly potent essential tea tree oil has truly sharp odor, which is, the most common, being followed by a menthol-like cooling sensation (it can be found in the really vast majority of the topical products in a concentration of 5% to 10%). This tea tree oil has some pretty awesome anti-inflammatory properties and its antioxidant properties are simply legendary. Some of the latest and pretty interesting researches have shown that tea tree oil can be used as an outstanding antimicrobial agent.
    Knowing all these fantastic features of a tea tree essential oil, widely known cosmetics company, Oriflame, has decided to, and this time, simply amazed us all and leave us, literary, breathless, so it launched on the world market, three amazing products, which are aimed mainly for face, and which as a main ingredient have really potent and powerful tea tree oil. Let’s take a little bit better insight to this whole situation. What kind of products specifically have been invented by the scientists from Oriflame laboratories, and what the exact effect they have on our facial skin? Maybe, now is just the perfect time to remind those, who may have forgotten, that to us, in Oriflame company, main target is to work with only high attributes and to bring for all our faithful customers the most efficient products with the purest nature's ingredients available these days :-). You know that our company’s leading motto is „your dreams-our inspiration“, that’s our guiding star :-)
    We are very proud of our first product on this gorgeous set called „Love Nature Face Lotion Tea Tree“. This particular product is based on tea tree oil purifying properties. Known, mainly, for its outstanding anti-bacterial attributes, this lotion really does wonders, when it comes pinpointing the ugly blemishes and detoxifying of the entire facial skin. In addition, this lotion is highly absorbent and very light in weight. And presents just prefect solution for proper hydration, even for oily skin. This lotion, in a very short time, managed to, somehow, impose as one of your top favorites and frequently purchased lotions for the face. You simply can’t imagine how much we therefore are pleased! We are so thankful for your trust and we hope that opting for our products, in the future, will continue to be your choice :-)
    And, there is, also, a truly amazing „Love Nature Blemish Solver Tea Tree“, which the main features are to dries out and to cleanse. This soothing, anti-blemish lotion is of a crucial help, when comes to unclogging the pores. You should dot on target areas right after cleansing, in order to achieve the best possible results. And, the last, but the least important „member“ of our „ensemble“ is „Love Nature Clay Mask Tea Tree“, which provides highly refreshment, and, at the same time the clay mask cleanses the remain dirt backlogs in your pores. In order to achieve the maximum possible results, you should apply this divine scented mask 1–2 times a week to a perfectly cleansed skin, leave on for 10 minutes and make sure to rinse the mask properly. These marvelous products are also on a special discount these days. Feel free to look them up in our latest brochure.


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