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Nourishing Wild Rose

Roses are, definitely, my favorite flowers. The vast majority of the ladies world wide agrees with me, on this one. The women all around the world simply adore to get roses as a gift (or as an addition to a gift), while the florists, on the 14th of February (St. Valentine's Day- for those, who accidentally or deliberately, not know this data! :-)) all around the world are, literary, flooded with the orders of young men, who are in love, and who desire, through the purchase of red roses, to his beloved one, on the most beautiful and the most romantic way, to declare their love! This is a very nice gesture, which is worth memorizing :-). Every single color of rose, has it's own meaning, but that’s not the subject here, so I won’t stay at explaining (though, admittedly, I find it pretty hard to refrain :-P). The odor of a rose is magical, I must confess. I can’t imagine anyone who would be able to resist its so seductive smell (perhaps, that’s the main reason, because the roses have been so massive sold for Valentine's Day :-)). That’s worth further thinking about, don’t you agree here with me? :-)
However, not only for its adorable smell, a rose is considered to be present in the vast majority of beauty product and unavoidable, a very important ingredient in the all kinds of the most popular fragrances, these days. Rose oil (which contains in cosmetics and fragrances) obtained from the extraction of its petals. In order to get the best quality rose oil, processors are picking them, quite gentle, by hand in the early mornings of before the sun set, and extracted them on the same day. Rose oil contains phenyl ethyl alcohol, stearopten waxes, citronellol, nerol and gernoil.
We, in Oriflame, have decided to create a line of the most adorable products, which are gonna be inspired by this outstanding flower. All of these products have in common the characteristic to provide for your facial skin proper hydration and nutrition that will leave your face skin visible gentle, soft and irresistible. This amazing line is intended mainly for a dry skin, for all ages. Wild rose essential oil helps to relieve dry skin and leaves it velvety soft. The first product of this exquisite line is: „Love Nature Day Cream Wild Rose“, which two main functions are: to provide an ultimate softness and to give an extra nourishing dose to your tired facial skin. This unique day cream can be, very easily, absorbed by the skin and its extra light in weight. It brings an ultimate suppleness and high protection to your skin by leaving it velvety soft and proper hydrated. The second product is called: „Love Nature Night Cream Wild Rose“, which formula is very rich, highly potent and velvety. With its extra rich and nourishing texture, this cream moisturizes and nurtures dry skin during the nighttime. Allow yourself to experience an ultimate luxury feeling in the morning. This night cream has my personal guarantees (and I am using this cream, too) that you’re gonna experience a true surprise, when, in the morning, you look yourself in the mirror and see that your face just glowing of freshness and softness. Highly unique and awesome feeling!
And, the remaining two are: „Love Nature 2-in-1 Cleanser Wild Rose“ and „Love Nature Eye Cream Wild Rose“, which, by regular use, allow your facial skin to daily glitters and shines of freshness and proper hydration. These amazing and very effective cosmetic products are these, late summer, days on additional discounts. You simply don’t want to miss this unique offer. This is the lowest price this year. Fell, absolute, free to look up for these exquisite products in our latest brochure and, if you order jet today, you can save up to 40%. As always, for all of our Oriflame ladies, we have even better discounts. Join up the winning team and you can shop for outstandish low prices.

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