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I don’t know how you are dealing with excessive sweating during exercise, but my favorite way (and turned out to be the most effective one) is to prevent excessive sweating simply by using deodorant stick, right before exercising. The high quality stick, an Anti-perspirant 24h deodorant one, should do the proper job.
The main advantage of a stick deodorant over a spray one (or a roll-on) is its ability to remain „untouched“ a bit longer time, providing your armpits the proper protection from heavy sweating, and, at the same time, to mask, in a way, all unpleasant smells, with its gorgeous fresh scent. However, the vast majority of people tends to give, an undue, advantage to deodorant sprays, but they are, very often, in mixture with the smell of our sweat (which is released in some of the large quantities from our body, particularly because of strenuous exercise or a training), which can give, as an outcome, quite unpleasant smell (to say in other words- we even more stink: -)). Therefore, they can’t mask the smell of our sweat (they are often too powerful and, the most often, they are able to create a smell that is, let’s say, „too noticeable“ :-)).
 But, people make the most various, let’s call them „rookie mistakes“, when applying them on their armpits. So, our very first step will be to learn how to properly apply Anti-perspirant 24h deodorant, in order to achieve the best possible protection! The thing is quite simple, you should follow this guide step-by-step:
    1st step- You should unwind (or pull off) the deodorant cup;
    2nd step- You should take off the plastic casing (the most of the deodorant stickers possess it, although there exceptions);
    3rd step- You should proceed on with applying the stick deodorant to your underarm area (to be precise, principally over your sweat glands);
    4th step- You should pay an addition attention on your motions-you should opt for a gentle, uniform and rectilinear motions. There is, absolutely, no need to exaggerate with applying the layers, one to four layers is more than enough;
    5th step- You should allow to dry properly about a minute or two. You should, also, pay some added attention, when it comes to putting your T-shirt on, because some of the deodorantes can, sometimes, leave a white mark on clothes, which can be pretty visible on the outside;
    6th step- And the final step, you should replace the cap on your Anti-perspirant 24h deodorant and put the stick back in your cosmetic bag (or another place, which is intended for it).

When comes to choosing the right one, by my opinion, there aren’t any doubts at all. My choice is always to opt for the ones from Oriflame, because they offer the best quality ones, which are, at the same time, pretty affordable for every pocket.
In their offer, they have a very vast range of high quality Anti-perspirant deodorant in stick, which, as highly exquisite addition, have a magic, fruity and irresistible scent. They are: „Nature Secrets Antiperspirant 24h Deodorant with Invigorating Ginseng & Passion Fruit“, which allows ginseng’s anti-oxidant and stimulating properties to help foster healthy looking skin of your armpit, while passionfruit is rich with Vitamin A and C and is often used for its soothing and conditioning effects; „Nature Secrets Antiperspirant Deodorant for Sensitive Skin Jojoba & Mango“,  whose Jojoba seeds provide a rich oil that is easily absorbed and brings for your armpit’s skin the utterly needed softness and suppleness. Mango kernel butter is rich in anti-oxidants, a vast variety of vitamins, and essential minerals, with outstanding moisturizing properties; „Nature Secrets Antiperspirant Deodorant with Energizing Mint & Raspberry“, whose water mint green leaves your underarm area refresh, stimulate, and cool, as well as boast moisturizing properties, while the raspberry red fruits are the best known for its richness in protective anti-oxidants, such as energizing Vitamin C.
Only these, late summer days, if you buy two of these incredibly fragrant and highly effective sticks, you get a special discount. Feel free to look them up in our latest brochure, contact your Oriflame lady and purchase this amazing deodorants in stick today!

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