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Manly Masterpieces TO MATCH Any Occasion

Assuming that you are some random guy, quite ordinary one, if fact. You, like the rest of the men worldwide, have your personal interests in the very vast range of all the life spheres, such as sports (be it by the regular training of some sport or working, devoted on your musculature and shape in the local gym), maybe you are interested in science, or maybe in the fashion and its trends, you taking (of course) care of your general appearance and overall health of your organism’s and so on. Generally speaking, you are running a quite full and highly meaningful life (good for you! :-)). According to your different spheres in life, you’re gonna need the perfect fragrance, which would present the perfect match to each of your life spheres.
Here on the stage, enters the famous Swedish cosmetic house, Oriflame, with its very vast range of utterly manly fragrances, which is suitable for every sphere of ordinary’s man's life. These divine fragrances, you can look up in our latest brochure. So, feel free to try of them, you have my personal guarantees that you are gonna adore them all! :-)
 These days, of one-scent-fits-all, now belong to the ancient history :-). The modern man is more refined, more versatile, attentive and much more stylish, so multiple fragrances are absolute “must have”! According to the men’s different spheres in life, we (in Oriflame) divided these adorable manly fragrances in four groups:
1. Fresh and Sporty
Our, already, being famous “Glacier Ice” is the perfect for the guy, who lives for the game and has the strong passion and thrill of competing. This utterly classic scent is, also, very suitable for weekends or as “fragrance-reward” after a hard session on the pitch in your local gym;
2. Quintessentially Masculine
Manly, spicy and with a dash of sophistication, our company’s pride: “Power Musk” personifies the heart and soul of the passionate man. It’s a bit stronger scent, which really does wonders and by wearing this mighty fragrance, absolutely no woman would ever resist you, so, according the previously said, it presents (logically) just beautifully solution for a night out;

3. Stylish and Self-confident
When you desire to make the perfect first impression, regardless of the occasion (be it a romantic dinner or an ordinary working day in office). Simply, when you wanna fell stylish and when you boost to the high confidence, you should opt for “Rival”. Its bold and exotic blend of ingredients makes it a really versatile scent, which are gonna surely leave an impression, wherever you choose to wear it, from the office to the beach bar;
4. Modern and Trendy
Men’s fragrances, which are, literally, bursting with citrus notes, are presented in just one, quite simple bottle of a fresh “Citrus Tonic”. It's, simply, stands out from the very vast sea of the similar fragrances. That's the case with “Citrus Tonic”, mainly, because it is made of an utterly fresh and engaging formula, without overpowering, it reveals your elegant side and is the perfect workday companion.
By possessing all of this remarkable fragrances, you are gonna be just perfectly ready for any occasion. And, you are gonna, at the same time, give you’re very best, in order to leave the best possible personal stamp and a strong first impression. Look those up in our latest catalog and feel, absolutely, free to contact your Oriflame lady, to order them today!   

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