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Highlight your summer look and get ready for all after-beach parties with a summery eye makeup.
Summer is all about relaxant entertainment and hot days in the sun. This season, we love the simple makeup and hairstyle that requires minimal effort - day and night. Learn how to get to a more dramatic sun-kissed look in just minutes with an absolutely stunning gray sooty eye makeup.


Start by priming with a primer for a long lasting effect. Dutta primer on the eyelid and under the eyes. Even out skin tone and hide dark circles under your eyes with a concealer: use a small brush or dab with your finger just below the eye. Then apply a black eyeshadow on the eyelid up to the crease. Dutta also eyeshadow closest to the lower lash line, smudge gently so that you get a smooth sweeping. Apply a little highlighter in the inner corner. Use a black or dark gray eye pencil that you paint closest to the upper and lower lash line and finish with black mascara.


Opt for a moisturized and bronzing complexion with lots of luster. Wash your face and prepare skin with a moisturizer and then apply a glow rewarding foundation that gives you a healthy glow. If you want less coverage, you can use a BB cream. Swipe a gold-colored blush over the cheekbones to maximize summer look.


Keep the beach feeling and hold the hair in place with a silk scarf - there's no need to wash your hair after a swim in the sea.

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