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Ascendant Aqua

Reaching new heights
Ascend the masses and experience the pure elemental strength in Ascendant Aqua Eau Du Toilette.
Ascendant Eau Du Toilette was launched in 2007 and has become one of Oriflame’s all-time top selling fragrances. In a tribute to all the men who love the original Ascendant, now there is Ascendant Aqua Eau Du Toilette.
An ideal scent for summer, Ascendant Aqua is inspired by the power and vitality of the ocean.  Cool, fresh and effervescent, this is the ultimate scent for the strong, elusive and dynamic male.

Oceans of originality
This refreshing eau de toilette conveys the power and elemental beauty of man in nature’s mightiest force.
With the familiar energizing top note of grapefruit, the new Ascendant Aqua Eau Du Toilette includes a mix of woods with sea foam surging through the precious grey amber and strong blue olibanum. Like an invigorating wave ascending from the sea bed, the new Ascendant Aqua delivers an extreme explosion of freshness.
The bottle is the same masculine shape, but is now an aquatic blue colour made from frosted glass to perfectly capture the look of the ocean.

Award winning Perfumer
The powerful combination of notes was created by the award winning perfumer Alex Dadier winner of Fifi awards, the Oscar’s of the perfume industry. Alex has designed many of Oriflame’s best-selling fragrances and continues to experiment and triumph in his creations.

With the energetic and invigorating Ascendant Aqua Eau du Toilette and the seductive scent of the original Ascendant Eau du Toilette, now you can harness nature’s power and vitality day and night!

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