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Long-awaited summer begins! And if you have not decided where to go on vacation, there is no cause for concern: in the city, too, can have a great time. We are pleased to share with you our ideas of summer city recreation.

Comprehensive training
Cross-Fit - is a relatively new, but has already become super popular type of fitness, which is based on circular high intensity training. Sports halls cross-fit of ("boxes") is now, in many cities, and if you live in Moscow, then you have a unique opportunity to take an introductory course cross-fit under the guidance of a professional trainer for free, while engaging in outdoor! The main thing - do not forget to put on face and exposed parts of the body means to protect from the sun, if you're going to train in the street. A protein snack in a sports bag will help rejuvenate after a hard workout ..

If you are not attracted to strength training, but you want to keep yourself in shape and swimming pool during the winter time to bother you, then why not try dancing? In Moscow lovers dancing outdoors going on the  Embankment - find out where such meetings are held in your town. This democratic event where no trainers and teachers, but under the influence of a joyful and friendly atmosphere even beginners can easily and gladly learn the necessary movement and can fully enjoy the dance. In the trend Latin dances, so do not forget to create the right mood with red lipstick and black mascara!

Modern urban parks - not just islands of greenery in the midst of a concrete jungle, it is also a cultural center, a visit which, apart from the obvious health benefits, will enrich you with new emotions and knowledge. Concerts and exhibitions, book fairs and food festivals: all you need - to monitor the local posters. If you live in Moscow, and if last year you did not attend the event of the "Books in the parks," we recommend that you fill the gap. Book Bazaar, a public library, poetry readings and themed weekends, from literature to cooking - it is no exaggeration to say that all major summer cultural life as surely tends to get out of the stuffy halls outside. And with the success it does! Join us - and do not forget to use the tone bright day basis with SPF.

Sometimes it just come to the park, do not plan to be in the midst of an exciting and fun-filled
activities, as it turned out at the park visitors Culture in Moscow, became the heroes of our story. Good time helped them set in a park slot machine, in which prizes could get the product line Love Nature.

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