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Life is your canvas! Imagine your day, paint it with colourful emotions.
Imagination Eau de Toilette is like a painting full of sparkling bright colours that will bring you happiness.

The famous painter Claude Monet inspired this delicate fragrance that embodies pure pleasure and happiness. Light and crisp, Imagination is from the floral green musky family, revealing sprightly top notes of Williams pear and violet leaves that caress your senses and instantly bring a smile – a feeling much like windows being opened to greet the first kiss of spring!

Nature and its profound influence were foremost in the mind of perfumer Nad├Ęge Le Garlantezec, when she immersed herself in Monet’s impressionist garden at Giverny (France) and began to construct the scent. While composing her own work of art, she always kept in mind two of her favourite paintings by the French master: the Woman with a Parasol and the Bridge over a Pool of Water Lilies. She imagined a fragrance for an elegant lady, enjoying the richness of nature and her passion for creativity.

The above idea is further illustrated by the pretty, imaginative bottle – hold it up to the light and peer through the soft green-tinted liquid, where a gentle watercolour bouquet is revealed. Feminine and charming, this three dimensional visual effect is a subtle homage to the inspiration behind the scent and the magical lilies of Monet.

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