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 Fashion industry - a tough business, and yet, at the foundress TrendsBrands Nasty Sartan turned out not only to create one of the most successful online and offline stores, but also to become one of the youngest millionaires in Russia.
The first store opened Nastya  as recently as 2011. Now TrendsBrands, except for a few in a department store Corner "Color", opened in Corners "Republic" and Podium Market and a large shop in the shopping center "Rio." Such an exceptional success story - a good excuse to share her luck and inspire all those who are not indifferent to the fashion industry.

After a successful start and earned millions changed your attitude to fashion? It does not become solely in the business?

- No, of course not just a business. For me fashion - this is what allows a person to open up, to show himself present. For women it is possible to realize the feminine energy and express the joy of life, love and self-respect.

Getting started TrendsBrands?

- It's simple: in our country do not have a store where an ordinary girl could feel comfortable, fun and at the same time to pick up a stylish things, for example, of a deferred scholarship. I thought it would be even better if this place is completely different audience might diversify your wardrobe by buying Chanel and Saint Laurent Paris. I wanted to create just such a "Klondike fashion" - a concept, a design, but at the same time affordable. Moreover, available not only in cost but also in style, of course, not "for the elect." This niche we empty, and I took it.

What was the most difficult in the first year?

- Assemble a team of professionals. Cadres decide everything! Our buyers are working in the industry for over 10 years, we have a strong marketing department and PR, which creates an interesting collaboration, and, of course, our call-center employees with velvet voices.

Has the concept TrendsBrands with the appearance or you are trying to stick to one of the selected style? 

- Yes, we have changed. Since the opening, we were able to get the best young designer labels America and England. These collections pose for photographers at the shows fashion bloggers, and at the same time they are worn to parties simple student. Another of the recent achievements - developed on the basis of applicable podium trends in life is our own brand TrendsBrands. Production volumes, we are small so fashionable public collections for literally hunts. We have just released a limited edition collection with cult brand American Apparel, and a week before the official start of sales had to open a waiting list since received a lot of applications on all models.

What trends should pay attention this summer?

- Costumes, costumes and costumes again. We ourselves have contributed to the popularity of this trend - have created a capsule collection with Oksana He dedicated men's suit 40s, which sold out in the first two weeks. Another interesting story that has gained popularity now - it slipony. In TrendsBrands they are represented in the new collection and Ash in a capsule collection that we created with the Cut The Rope.

What image do you personally like?

- I am delighted with the combination of simplicity and chic. It is a pleasure to wear tops in sequins with jeans and rocker boyfriends-shirts with a string of pearls. It seems boring to follow one style by 100%. As for beauty, I'm a fan of all natural. Only use mineral makeup, face cream, eyeliner and lipstick are two types: transparent and red.

What a thing is always there in your wardrobe and without any cosmetic product does not leave the house?

-  In my wardrobe is always a little black dress cut free. It is simply irreplaceable. And in the beautician - universal powder of minerals, it makes the skin perfectly matte.

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