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Meet Anin Bing! Stylish beauty in the past - a model in the present - a blogger, designer, entrepreneur, singer and mother.
In life Anin Bing things are changing rapidly. During her modeling career Danish beauty has traveled all over the world. She gained fame as a fashion blogger, thanks to its artistic and feminine-style Boho neglect. Her romantic songs won the hearts of fans. And in his free time these interesting activities Anin raises two young children and is engaged in its own fashion brand, which draws on ideas in their own style.

Tell us about your brand.
- I wanted to create a clothing line, which would combine the qualitative basic things, and things in style rock-n-roll chic and Boho. I always thought that if they take up the design and then create just what I would buy myself. These things are easy to match with anything, but they have their aggressive focus.

Who is your ideal client?
- Working on your collections, I imagine a girl from the big city, who travels the world, loves music, interested in art, and for which the clothes - it's part of her lifestyle. If I were to bring someone as an example, I would call Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She is incredibly stylish and very flattering to me when I see things on her brand ANINE BING.

Is it true that success came to you pretty quickly?

- Yes, we have created a brand ANINE BING with my husband Nicholas in August 2012, and after a few weeks of our things were sold in several stores in Los Angeles. Today, two years later, we can be found in more than 150 stores worldwide, in addition, this year we plan to open in Los Angeles, our flagship store.

What cosmetic products and procedures in your daily use?
- It's easy. Every day I clean face. Use eye cream, day cream and mix with a framework to achieve a natural effect. (Editor's note: BB cream gives the same effect, for example,multifunctional moisturizer-tone 5-in-1 "Balm perfection" ). I also add a bit of blush on the cheeks to give a person shine. I love makeup "Smokey Aes", so my favorite - cream eyeshadow and black eyeliner. Of course, I use mascara. I prefer to dry hair without using a hair dryer.

And what do you do when going to a party?
- Overview not overdo it and look natural. I feel great in leather pants, for example, a silk top. I can add a rock and roll mood with makeup: make expressive "Smokey" and add a beige or pink lip gloss. I like to curl the hair, and I prefer the slightly disheveled hair.

You're a very busy man. How do you manage everything?
- Find the balance is not easy, but I try my best. It is important to take frequent breaks, otherwise you can start to work in 24/7 mode. Of course, there is always something to do, but for this purpose also need planning and organization. Have two children and work at the same time - not an easy thing, but I love what I do, and that love helps me cope.

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