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There is no one who knows how to create just the right relaxed LA style Anine Bing, a former model, now blogger, designer, entrepreneur, singer and mother.
As a model traveled the Danish beauty all around the world. As a blogger, she is known for its laid-back boho chic wardrobe. As a singer, she won our hearts with his soulful, slightly melancholic melodies. But despite a hectic life, the Anine still time for his two children and worked with her clothing brand that reflects her delicious wardrobe.

Tell us about your brand
- I wanted to create a clothing brand that has just the right blend of luxury commodities, a rock-chic look and casual bohemian. When I create new items, I always take based on the clothes that I wish was to find in my closet. The clothes I make will be usable with a raw twist.

Who is your clothes for?
- The collection is tailored for fashion-conscious women who travel around the world, passionate about art, music and who want to express their lifestyle through her ​​clothes. If I had to choose a woman who personifies my brand, then it's Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She has a great style, and it's really flattering when I see her in 'Anine Bing'.

How did you brand?
- I started the brand with my husband, Nicholas, in June 2012, and a few weeks after it was on the shelves in a few stores in LA. Two years later, we are represented in more than 150 stores worldwide, and we plan to open our own concept store in LA this year. It all happened really fast.

How does your daily beauty routine like?
- It's super easy! I wash my face every morning. I use eye cream and I mix my day cream with foundation to create a natural look (Eds.: The basic idea behind the BB cream ). Then I come a little blush on my cheeks to give my face a little extra glow. I love smokey eyes! So one of my favorites is creamy eye shadow and black eyeliner. I complete the look with mascara . I always leave my hair to air dry. It's easy and fast!

How do you get ready to party?
- It's still quite relaxed. I feel comfortable in a pair of leather pants. I like to combine the pants with a silk top. To create a rock'n'roll look, I am all in on makeup. Smokey eyes and a beautiful beige or pink lipgloss. I curl the hair, but keeps it's still a bit messy. It may not look too nice.

You have a very busy life! How do you get everything to go up to a higher level?
- It's hard to balance, but I do my best! It is important to take a break here and there, otherwise I tend to work 24 / 7th There is always something to do, so it's all about planning and organizing. Being a mother of two and work full time is not ideal, but I love both and will do my best to balance life and my career!

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