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The story of VIP Night Eau de Parfum

Feel the electricity in the air, the anticipation and thrill of arriving at
a spectacular gala event. All eyes are upon you, and tonight you are
Some nights are exceptional and those are the ones that you will
remember forever. With this in mind, VIP Night Eau de Parfum is a
creation as unforgettable and exuberant as fireworks on New Year’s
Eve; a fragrance that perfectly embodies the glamour and opulence
that only the greatest occasions demand. What are the magic
elements that create this feeling of attraction and exclusivity?
Our perfumers believe that nothing epitomises celebration like gold
and champagne – the two key ingredients in this singular scent.
They were excited to fulfil their vision of elegance: “We were very
much inspired by the brief and images of castles and chandeliers,
gold, celebration, refinement. I think we have succeeded in
expressing all of those aspects in one perfume.” The unique accord
of Luxor champagne delivers the top notes and defining signature of
the fragrance – offering a heady, effervescent lift – that blends with
the elegant, feminine heart of jasmine and soft vanilla dry down.
Stirring and very luxurious, the effect is a breathtaking affirmation
of life and the aura of a sophisticated, lavish party.
Furthering the allure of this limited edition fragrance is the beautiful
bottle. A curvaceous and sensual glass form created by renowned
Thierry de Baschmakoff,
the bottle is visually striking and displays an elegant calligraphic signature reminiscent of special invitations. Both modern and timeless, VIP Night is a gorgeous, captivating fragrance, and one that is as memorable as your most special evenings. 

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