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Sir Avebury

What is so attractive about a man who acts with impeccable
courtesy, finesse and refinement, who opens the door for a lady and
behaves with the manners befitting a nobleman? It’s simple: a true
gentleman is forever appealing; a regal and sophisticated man who
exudes an effortless charm can never be denied. These distinctions
were the blueprint for the timeless, genteel fragrance of Sir Avebury
Eau de Toilette. Our desire was to perfectly encapsulate the scent of
a modern English gentleman from a noble pedigree – a man with a
worldly air, warm masculinity and a witty contemporary edge.
Perfumer Frank Voelkl’s vision in creating Sir Avebury was to “design
a scent for an elegant gentleman, that expresses modern luxury.” In
doing this, he chose to emphasize notes in the woody spicy family,
with the uncluttered simplicity of three main ingredients and their
accords: mate, black tea and cedar wood. The top note delivers a
green and lively lift, blending with the smoky contours of black tea
and bay essence, before finally resting on the dry scent of cashmere
and cedar wood. Further accentuating Sir Avebury’s appeal is the
dignified bottle design, complete with a coat of arms on the heavy,
die-cast zamak cap – a revered and distinguished metal alloy.
Consultants should offer Sir Avebury to customers desiring an
elegant, sophisticated male fragrance with a modern heart. The
appeal is in the refined and masculine scent that can lift the
character and deliver the notion of nobility and luxury.

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