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The sun is the heavenly body that has been worshiped the longest by the most people.
From the ancient Greeks to today’s tourists, they have all worshiped the sun, though probably
in slightly different ways and with different expectations. Today the sun is a hot research topic and
there have been more studies on the subject than you can count. Therefore, let’s address some of the
myths surrounding the sun in time for summer. Do you get spots and pimples by using sunscreen?
Is it good to visit a tanning salon before going out into the sun… what’s the deal?!

“It’s good to sunbathe in a tanning salon prior to sun exposure to get a protective base.” – FALSE!

The tan provided by a sunbed will only provide the equivalent protection of a SPF of 3-4.
The most important protection for fair skin is to become thicker, as it gradually becomes accustomed to natural sunlight. Sunbeds don’t usually provide the same type of UV radiation as the sun and therefore cannot affect the skin thickness. Sunbeds are also harmful and can cause an increased risk of malignant melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer.

“You get pimples and spots when using sunscreens.” – FALSE!
Today’s sunscreens are formulated in such a way that they don’t clog the pores but allow the skin to breathe. Many feel however that the sun makes your skin fresher and that any acne can be reduced. And that’s because the sun has a drying effect on the skin that in the short term can remove pimples. Important to know is that the drying effect creates an imbalance in the skin that over time can cause the skin to produce more sebum (grease). As a consequence of this excessive sebum production, many people have problems with oily skin in the early autumn, which in turn causes more pimples than before.

“The sun is the best source of vitamin D.” – QUALIFIED TRUTH
The sun is a good and important source of vitamin D, but dermatologists say that the risks of harmful UV radiation makes it a less good source compared with, for example fatty fish and supplements.

“I can burn even when I am in the water.” – TRUE!

50% of the strength of the sun’s rays can reach you one metre below the surface.

“I can’t get burned when it is cloudy.” – FALSE!

Up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays can penetrate even on a cloudy day.


Sun Zone Face and Body Spray
KIDS SPF 25 Medium
Light-blue coloured, easily-absorbed lotion to provide protection for your children’s
vulnerable skin. Water-resistant. Suitable from 1 year old. 125 ml.

Sun Zone Lotion Face & Exposed Areas
SPF 25 Medium
Reliable anti-ageing face sunscreen with Vitamin C. Enriched with
Coenzyme Q10 to help protect skin’s collagen network. Water-resistant.50 ml

Sun Zone UV Protector Face & Exposed Areas SPF 50 High
Effective high protection for sun-sensitive skin. Formulated with
softening and moisturising actives. Fast-absorbing texture. Water-resistant. 50 ml.

SPF 10 Low
A very lightweight, fast-absorbing lotion to moisturise, soften and protect your skin in the sun. Water-resistant. 150 ml.

Sun Zone Lotion Face & Body SPF 15 Medium
Lightly textured non-sticky formula that melts into the skin, moisturises and provides moderate sun protection. Water-resistant. 150 ml.

Sun Zone Lotion Face & Body SPF 30 High
Effectively protects with high SPF. Easily absorbed with
Sunflower Seed oil that also soothes and helps moisturise
the skin. Recommended for sun-sensitive skin and during your first days in the sun. Water-resistant. 150 ml.

Sun Zone Intensive Balm Face and Body
You’ll love that instantly relieving feel of this intensively rehydrating formula with natural Aloe Vera. Leaves your skin visibly recovered from the stress of sun exposure, soothed and calmed. 100 ml.

Sun Zone 3-in-1 Rehydration Soothing Milk
A summer cocktail of moisturising and cooling ingredients with natural
Aloe Vera to bring comfort back to your skin. Helps to maintain long-lasting tan leaving the skin soft
and conditioned. 150 ml.

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