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The Benifits of Lip Gloss by Oriflame

Lip Gloss

• Adds extra shine

• Provides optical 3D effect

• Emphasizes lip make-up

• Gives a fresher look

• The perfect complement for natural make-up

How to apply

Apply it over lipstick or alone on the lips. For a natural and discrete look, apply only in the center of the lips.
Lip gloss adds extra shine with optical 3D effect. It highlights your lips.
Lip gloss gives a fresher look and brings attention to your lip make-up.
Lip glosses can be applied either over the lipstick or alone for a more natural and subtle lip look.

If you like the subtle lip gloss look, now is the time to apply it. Lip gloss should be applied over the lipstick or alone on the lips. For a natural and discrete look, apply only on the center of your lips.

• To avoid mixing colours, use a transparent lip gloss on  top of your lipstick
• Make sure you always have one lip gloss in your purse as it can be easily reapplied during the day thanks to its easy application
• Be discrete when applying the lip gloss. Less is more.

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