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How to make the most of your Lips with Oriflame

Every woman loves to wear lipstick. Just a dash of lipstick adds so much glamour to the face.
Lipstick gives the finishing touch to your make-up by bringing the other colours you have applied to your face into harmony. Used alone, lipsticks can also dress up your entire look. Most Oriflame lipsticks also help soften, moisturise, nourish and protect your lips.


• Adds glamour to your face
• Gives the finishing touch to your make-up
• Brings together make-up colours harmoniously
• Dresses up your entire look when used alone
• Some help to nourish and moisturise your lips
• Protects your lips

How to choose the right colour of lipstick No colour is really out of bounds, but you may find there
is a right red and a wrong red or a right pink and a wrong pink. Skin tone is very important when it comes to wearing lipstick. You should find the lipstick that looks good when you wear absolutely no make-up. At this stage of the make-up process, make sure that the colour of your lipstick matches your lip liner but it should also be in harmony with your eyes, more specifically the colour chosen for the eyeshadow.

How to apply

1. Once the lips are defined, apply the lipstick by filling the entire lip area starting from the middle of the lips to the external edges.
2. Rub your lips together to blend so there is no line of demarcation between the lipstick and lip pencil. This will help your lip color wear evenly and prevent the end-of the- day ring around your lips.
3. Blot away extra colour with a tissue. Tips:
• To make the lipstick stay longer: powder over lightly, reapply the lipstick and then dust the lips with powder.
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