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Oriflame Power Woman 26769

As we open up Catalogue 7 we are presented with the gorgeous Power Woman Eau de Toilette. This modern fragrance has it all. It provokes the confident, elegant woman who oozes intelligence and charisma.

The perfumer created the scent in celebration of women everywhere who are driven by dreams and have the passion and drive to achieve success.

Power Woman Eau de Toilette is a truly feminine fragrance that will be as memorable as the woman who wears it.

Bursting with strong floral notes and blended with spicy ginger, rose and patchouli; Power Woman Eau de toilette evokes the essence of the desirable woman who aims high and knows exactly what she wants. This really is a boost of bottled confidence.

It’s for the woman who is top of her game; she inspires others around her and achieves growth in every area of life.

We’re offering Power Eau de Toilette for only £14.95 in Catalogue 7.

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