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Don’t feel blue if you haven’t a beach holiday planned just yet, we can still have you glowing with a golden tan with our next new launch in Catalogue 6. I’m seriously excited about these I can’t wait to try Oriflame’s Silk Beauty Sun Glow Gradual Tan Body lotion.

Start the regime right with Silk beauty Sun Glow Softening Body Scrub to remove dead skin cells and make skin even in prep for the Gradual Tan Body Lotion.
Then apply the Silk Beauty Gradual Tan all over to build up a perfect natural looking tan over time.

This is sure to give skin a summer glow thanks to the moisturing formula;
Illuminating Complex. The Gradual Tan lotion is infused with three ingredients; DHA that gives the nice tan, Vitamin E that help to moisturize the skin and Shimmering particles to make the skin shine. Together this unique complex will make the skin glow and can be used every day to build up a natural tan over time, for a fair/medium skin type. 

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